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Not often and not alot, but I still feel the need to share my thoughts you can check them out here

...Fitness Freak

I am far from a fitness nut, but I'm getting there. I've been using my FitBit everyday for almost a year, my progress can be seen online as well Online Tracker

...and Games

I am not a huge gamer, but I do enjoy it. I play Steam on my Linux boxes, which is also displayed here, and run my own private Minecraft server.

Latest Work.

FitBit for Drupal


I've been using my FitBit every day without break since I first got it in June and while the FitBit dashboard is good,...

Enable/Disabled Tasker...


This week I struck on the idea of turning on and off profiles at will. I use AutoLocation and GeoFences a lot of thing different...

Install Oracle Java JDK/JRE 8u11

I do not format my desktop PC very often, I reinstall my laptop three or four times a month but not my primary machine. With almost every clean installation I have to lookup how to install Oracle's Java instead of using the pre installed version OpenJDK.

Since I search for it so often I thought it was well past time I wrote a guide of my own.

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Scheduled Server Downtime - June Fri 18th...


Regular users of NxFifteen will be aware I tend to give little or no warning about service downtime. In most cases this is because the setup I use is working the way it should and needs no messing with, but things go wrong and I scrabble to get everything back up and running. This time is different.

On Friday the 18th of July i am predicting an extended service outage. At the moment I can't predict how long this will last, all I can do is assure you I will be working over the weekend to restore service and reduce the unavailability as much as I can.

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Revert to a previous Git commit

I make heavy use of git for all my software development because it gives me a "universal undo" feature. So here is how I was able to revert my master git branch after committing some bad code
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Day 24 - Wake Up Call

No matter how hard I try today I can't seem to stop snaking. Everyday this week I've been wasting 500 calories on snacks. I just wish I had any idea how to stop it since will power alone is getting me no where.

I also have to think about how I'm going to increase my activity levels. I'm in day two of my twelve week Fitbit programme and I'm hitting the targets but only just, so if I don't change something soon I'm never going to reach my goals next week.

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Day 22 - What a week

Well I've not been doing to well of late. The last two weeks have seen me spend more time in front of one computer or another than is healthy.

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Day 3 - Another Shocker

Another shocker today, I'm over my budget but only by 301 calories. The surprise is I slipped badly at work and snacked my way thru another late night.

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Day 2 - The Saga Continues

Another full day under my belt and for reasons I may never understand I am under my calorie budget. Breakfast I can say was a good day but after that things went a little off the rails.

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Day 1 - My Silent Return

According to MyFitnessPal I was only a couple of weeks away from my first years, the problem was since I stopped logging I was only signing in to check other people status updates and reaching a year like that seemed to much like cheating so instead I decided to reset my counter. My new count starts from today.

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NxFifteen Research

Born of my need for a short domain name, it has become my playground - on a scale I could never had imagined

My Projects

Redirect Expander
This morning I published a new project I'd been working on that wasn't quite ready for public consumption. However thanks to the fact I'd made it public I was...
Git Based License Server
I usually forget to include anything in LICENSE.md files and after a quick Goolge I found this script on GitHub by remy to host your license details online. I do...
Enable/Disabled Tasker profiles
This week I struck on the idea of turning on and off profiles at will. I use AutoLocation and GeoFences a lot of thing different like reminding me i need milk when...
Inbound Call Filter
This is an idea, like most, that came to me at 2am during a restless night. Like most Tasker creations it started with a simple problem. When I put my phone to...
FitBit for Drupal
I've been using my FitBit every day without break since I first got it in June and while the FitBit dashboard is good, offering everything you could ever want, I...
Excel VBA Get Column Index
Over the last few months I've been doing more work in excel than is good for anyone's health, trying to create a database best suited for access. Still, in the real...

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Other Content

Install Oracle Java JDK/JRE 8u11
Install SSH Key In A Remote Linux Server
I've been setting up a new server and as always the first things to do is forbid root login using a password and install my SSH keys. Once again I had to Google for...
Greek Style Salad
I am huge fan of Quorn, I think as a replacement to mince its almost perfect and I now use it in as many places as I can.
MyFitnessPal - Record Water
Getting Saitek X52 Joystick Working Within Linux
Now that Steam is available for Linux (How to install article coming soon) I have once again made the switch to 100% Linux. How that I have Steam installed I wanted...
CSS Compression in PHP
Almost all the static content for this site is being delivered by one of my CDN servers. These are nothing more fancy than a basic DNS round-robing configuration,...

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