My name is Stuart, online I go by NxFIFTEEN or nxad for short. I'm a caffeine dependent life-form, often happiest when things don't work so I get a chance to fix them again.

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Rsync Bandwidth Limit

How do I stop Rsync using all my bandwidth?... Read More

Samba Full Audit Trail

This is a new one. I was asked today by someone to explain why files were missing from the Samba file server. Sadly in the end I wasn't able to find out why simple because there was no log. This at least isn't a case of a system admin not keeping logs, there were thousands of them for Samba (I managed to trace that to a poorly configured log rotation setup) but not one of those logs cou... Read More

Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Core 0.10.2 Inst...

This weekends project is setting up a Raspberry Pi as an online Bitcoin wallet. As you might the first step has been installing Bitcoin Core. There is no binary Bitcoin available for the Raspberry Pi's ARM process so I had to build it from source. Less I Forget here is my step-by-step guide: Requirements Raspberry Pi 2 A 2A power supply External HD Raspbian OS Image Downloaded from here The... Read More

Updated certificate authority

Just a quick announcement. This week I released an updated certificate authority. All my services are now signed using this new authority. The reason for this is purely maintenance. Since I released my last authority there have been concerns and then active attacks against certificates using a sha1 hash. So as security changes over time I felt it was time to improve my own security and my new... Read More

Only run the scene at night

This is a very simple LUUP snippet. The Vera has a handy function .is_night() which, as you'd expect, simply returns true or false depending on if its day or night. Vera doesn't need an attached light sensor for this, instead it uses local weather data - so if you've opted to keep your Vera offline this will not work. First create your scene based on your chosen trigger and add the ... Read More

Tenvis MINI319W Review

My trusty Panasonic BL-C10 IP camera finally failed after years of faithful service, so I went online searching for a replacement. After some searching I came across the Tenvis Mini319W for a low budget of about £32 it seemed like a good replacement. Installation was very easy, but instead of trying to make a dry unboxing event into interesting reading see the video bellow from the Ultimate Han... Read More

Raspberry Pi Powered OpenVPN - Client...

This is part two of my series on creating your own, private, VPN server at home using a Raspberry Pi. If you have followed on from my Raspberry Pi Powered OpenVPN - Server post you will have a fully working OpenVPN server. You probably also noticed it took you a good portion of your afternoon, but with bugs and hacks being found in more and more Linux software and libraries it is well worth hav... Read More

Software Society Email problems - Res...

Fan-bloody-tastic! I've been trying to work out why emails to the Software Society have been falling over the last few weeks and finally I've worked it out! The lesson to take away from it is, never let someone on the other side of an IT support desk do anything for you that's mission critical. All my domains are hosted thru 123-Reg who act as my registrar, and have done for years... Read More

My New Php Fitbit Library is Complete

Last month I announced I was working on a write of my Drupal/Fitbit module to allow it to run independently of the Drupal framework. What I wanted was a application that would allow me to do everything I was doing before even in a static HTML site - In just over a month and more than 180 commits that's what I've achieved. My new application is completely separate from the HTML site, mea... Read More

Work started on a new PHP Fitbit library

Last year I spent a few months building my own Drupal module for Fitbit. All in the middle did everything I wanted from it, pulling all my stats into a database and producing the reports and stats I wanted most. Problem is, I am not using Drupal anymore. As I've talked about before this site is pure HTML built using Node.js. So the site only needs rebuilt when I add or remove content but si... Read More

Acer Aspire CMOS battery

Article Recovered I have been blogging online in one form or another since 1999, long before it was called a blog. Over the years I have lost a lot of the content I have created due to poor backups. I have been working to recover as much of my old content as I can from online archives. This article was an attempt to recover a previous post. I have searched online for an archive of this pos... Read More