Stuart McCulloch Anderson
My name is Stuart, online I go by NxFIFTEEN or nxad for short. I’m a caffeine dependent life-form, often happiest when things don’t work so I get a chance to fix them again.

This is a question most people who, at any level, class themselves as self-employed. During my research I found this quote I love.

You know you’re a hairdresser when your invited to a dinner party and everyone else is asked to bring a plate, but your asked to bring your scissors

I’m not a hairdresser, but I am a geek and do IT support. I’ve lost count of how many times I’m asked to take a quick look at someone’s laptop, iPad, printer or any other digital device.

Specifically though lets talk NXFIFTEEN.

I wanted to host my own emails. I wanted something with full groupware support, email, calendar and contacts the full range. Since then things have grown. More and more family and friends have been added to the server and as server usage has grown.

I’ve had to upgrade my hosting more than once to support more people. I’ve been covering these costs cause I was stuck in a mindset never changed, at start it was something I wanted and everyone was just tagging along. The problem is, it’s not as true as it used to be.

In the beginning I had a host that matched my needs, but over the years I’ve added more memory, a faster processor and recently a bigger hard drive. Not to mention my time spent updating software making things secure and backing everything up.

So at what point am I no longer doing this for myself but start doing it everyone else. The truth is it’s long since passed.

Now do I start charging for the services I offer or do I continue footing the bill?

The truth is I don’t want to charge, and that’s my choice. Others in similar situations may feel differently. There really is no one size fits all rule. So I’ve had to weigh up my own pros and cons, plus consider my own feelings but in the end I want to pass on the bill to someone else – after all how do I decide how much to charge anyway.

So if I’m not planning to charge, whats the alternative? I’ve opened the site up too contributions…. who knows what this will end up like


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I’ve run this site for years and like all things it costs money. Hosting, domain names and even some of of the Wordpress plugins I use and highly recommend. These things all have costs involved, costs I happily fork out each year. I’ve tried monetizing this site in the past with little or no success, yet I’ve decided to try once more. But this time I’m thinking about it. I have come up with a plan.

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