Monthly Archive: August 2013

No Tasker Sunday 0

No Tasker Sunday

No Tasker Sunday But there is good things coming This has been a busy week for me. At the end of last week I asked the Tasker Google+ community for some ideas of what...


The Three Strike Rule

Three Strike Rule means if you need to talk to me, keep calling. If not text This is just an information page. If you’ve come here from a text I sent after you tried...


Inbound Call Filter – Version 2.0

Thanks to some feed back from +Mike Lombardi over on the Tasker Google+ page I’ve updated my project a little. Instead of using a text file on the SD card to keep track of...


Inbound Call Filter

This is an idea, like most, that came to me at 2am during a restless night. Like most Tasker creations it started with a simple problem. When I put my phone to sleep it goes silent till 5am, so what do you do if someone needs to reach you? What put the idea in my head was a text from my flat mate saying he’d left his keys at home and needed me to leave the door unlocked. In his case it was luck I was up late and got the text.