30 Nov

Saturday – Week 4 Day 6

Good evening. Tonight’s post is going out on time. There isn’t allot to report today. I wasn’t logging my calorie intake again, not because it was a scheduled day off but because I decided not to. It’s probably not a decision I would make again but its also not one I plan to beat my self up over.

I’m pleased to say that as activity goes I was over target with my pedometer so that’s gone some of the way to making up my week’s end target but I’m still off by 2,090 steps which means tomorrow will have to be around 7,000 to 8,000 if I am going to make it. Again I am happy enough to see the graph data shows an marked improvement in the middle of the week – I just want to keep this trend going for as many days as I can.

Its also reassuring to see my weight and body fat down on yesterday, but its to early to tell if I have broken the previous trends. I remain hopeful! See you all tomorrow, and as always, if you have been, thanks for reading.

30 Nov

Friday – Week 4 Day 5

I never posted yesterday which is a shame seeing as I was doing so well.

I hit all my activity targets for the day although I was over my calorie intake, I’m blaming the Christmas pie personally but I don’t think the Mars bar will have helped any. Looking at my trends I’m still not seeing any progress in my body fat and weight is cropping up ever so slightly so its something I will be keeping an eye on.

On the plus side I added some more information to my fitness pages, I’ve always been interested in seeing my lifetime achievements so now I can see pedometer, floors and distance

28 Nov

Thursday – Week 4 Day 4

Not much worth sharing tonight. It’s another slow day. Seeing as I didn’t take yesterday off I decided to use that spare day today. Like always on a day off, I logged nothing but water drank.

Looking at my stats my weight is still in an upward trend, but body fat is down on yesterday, it’s still going to take time to see if this is a long term thing. On a wider scale I am still down in weight on last month. I’m still hoping to reach my activity targets by the end of the week but its turning out to be harder to make the time required.

There are always going to be bad times and I think this week is going to be one of those it would have made sense to write off. Good thing I have this blog stopping me

27 Nov

Wednesday – Week 4 Day 3

This was supposed to be my day off, but I forgot. I finally remembered as I was logging lunch and by that time I made the decision to plough ahead, so I now have a spare day I can use later.

As usual for Wednesday I got my Fitbit report from last week and its not looking good. I am down on every metric other than floors climbed. I’ve also been looking at my graphs and while my weight is still in a slight declining trend, body fat is sky rocketing of late so its probably time to ‘nip that in the bud’.

This week I am on track or at least happy with my progress towards my weeks target. I have always selected the most healthy option available, however I am slipping with last weeks achievements. There is still time to pull it together. At the current rate I am falling behind I need to take 6,322 steps each day or I’ll miss my steps goal, and I have to take 21 floors a day which will be allot harder and probably impossible if I’m honest. I haven’t given up on it just yet though

26 Nov

Tuesday – Week 4 Day 2

Today wasn’t a bad day least on a diet front, but it was probably the worst day I’ve ever had at work – any work, ever. That is probably the reason I stopped logging anything after about lunch. Still it wasn’t a bad day of choice. For the most part I eat the right things when given the choice which is the aim of the week.

However I am not hitting my activity targets. Yesterday I wasn’t able to meet my steps or floors targets and today doesn’t look to be any better. I will have to work the rest of the week to push this weeks average up into the range I’m looking for.

Since yesterday I’ve been reading Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey. While it has nothing to do with weight loss it is all about how are minds fight change and the perception that our minds can not evolve change after adolescence. It is an academic paper and not something I normally, for normally read ever, read but it is fascinating. I’ll talk more as I keep reading, but I’m a slow reader so it’ll probably just trickle down over the coming weeks.

24 Nov

Sunday – Week 3 Day 7

Well its Sunday again Its been another 7 days and according to my records I weigh slightly more than last week, but only by 0.2kg’s so not much. Thankfully yesterdays 80kg looks like it was only a blip.

Having taken yesterday to ‘state my intentions’ for the week I thought tonight could be something different. Its often come up why I keep this blog and why its so important to me to post each day.

This site is may not be the most exciting blog recently but there will be more technology related content soon, but for now my focus has been here, my own weight loss and building a healthier self.

This goal has lead to allot of changes in the site. First of all I have put allot of time and effort into my Drupal Fitbit module, which is responsible for pulling all my records directly from Fitbit and displaying the information I want. Second is the fact I can now post content from email. All I do now is email the site and Drupal will post to my blog, including any images I attach.

While these are good side affects they are not the reason I started this project. I have been trying to lose weight since June and as you can see from TrendWeight the first few months were easy. My weight plummeted from 83kg’s to 76kg. An amazing change, but it wasn’t sustainable as the graph shows. Since August I had all but stalled. For three months there is very little change. Then, October 14th it all went wrong.

My weight started creeping up again. As far as I could tell I wasn’t doing anything different, but I was. I had gotten complacent. My exercise had stopped and I was eating junk again because its there. So I needed a change and blogging was the way I’ve taken it.

My intention with this blog is to add a level of accountability to my self if no one else. I aim to post each night and probably spend more time on my own health page than all my other visitors combined. I’ve also made use of the power in my Android phone to combine Tasker and Zooper to give me a live progress bar through the day. You can see in the screenshot I’ve attached from my home screen, just to the left “November” are three red lines. There is actually four and the goal is for each line to have disappeared by the end of the each day. It doesn’t always work but seeing it each time I look at my phone has provided a surprising level of motivation and I use all this information to summaries my achievements and short comings each day. I never want a change in the trend to catch me unaware like before.

I don’t know if anyone else follows along with me, but I hope if you are

23 Nov

Saturday – Week 3 Day 6

Today was never really going to be a good day with cinema trips and doctor who specials, but when the scales tell say you’ve gained 1.6 kg over night its never a good feeling and its easy to call it a blip seeing as I forgot to weight myself till after breakfast, only time will tell. What ever it is, blip or trend, its the first time I’ve been over 80kg’s since June so I’m treating it as my wake-up call.

Like every Saturday I’ve been working out what targets to set for next week. So far I’m thinking the focus will be on diet. I’ve already got my activity targets to a level where I have to ‘work’ to reach them so I’m planning to leave them alone for week four and aside from the odd blip, Friday or tonight’s nights dinners, I am logging all my meals correctly so that is how I want it. The obvious next step is what I’m eating.

So, starting from Monday the plan so far is to always take the healthy option. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner I will always take the healthier option. This allows for situations where there are no options but its a place to start.

My day off next week is Wednesday

21 Nov

Thursday – Week 3 Day 4

Its a shame I took today off, because I was actually very well behaved! Still, this is why I have a day off and plan it in advance so I stick to it and don’t just take my worst day each week and say “That was the day…honest”. Next week it will be another Wednesday as I’m on late night again.

Since I have no food to log I’m not sure what else to say. I did hit my pedometer and activity targets but not my floors target. I was six flights off today and just didn’t have the energy to make them up on the stair case tonight.

Seeing as I have nothing else, I’m attaching some motivational quotes I’ve gathered from Google+ sometimes they just push me that little bit further. I hope they can do the same for you guys.

20 Nov

Tuesday – Week 3 Day 2

Sorry for the late update, last I never found the right time, too busy programming.

Yesterday was a mixed day, I managed to hit all my activity targets by a safe margin but while I logged everything I ate I was over my calorie budget by an unhappy margin.

As for the site I’ve updated the information on available on the fitness page to include some trending information so I can build a better idea of my development over time and see at a glance how today compares with the past. I like it and hope it will help me stay focused with more information available at a glance.

I also got last weeks Fitbit report so that’s now been published. No real surprises there everything is showing improvements except weight last was down on last week and once again Sunday is my worst day of the week.

18 Nov

Monday – Week 3 Day 1

Today I was supposed to be making the most of the day, and I did, but not as previously expected. I had planned to spend the day on the treadmill pottering about bringing my laptop top up to Fedora 20. Instead I built a new website.

I have always loved photography, but of late let it slip by. I released this site has done so much to help motivate me with my fitness goals, it could do the same for my photography. With this idea a new site was born NxPhotography.

In its initial incarnation its home to some of my older shots, not much after 2012 and they may be out of order but my new work will be making its way to the site and I will keep the site updated as some more stuff finds its way out of the archives. This is likely to be a long process. Since I’m now 100% Linux based I haven’t updated my work flow to move away from Photoshop and onto Gimp so that will probably me some trial and error involved before I get a reliable alternative.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy whats there. I will announce further updates as they come.

17 Nov

Sunday – Day 2.7

With another week passed and I hit my weeks in target, but only just. Once again Sunday will show up as my worst day. I haven’t hit my pedometer target any only just stayed in good books with MyFitnessPal.

Next week I’m going to increase my pedometer and floor targets based on the averages from this week, but I’m also including an activity target. The default Fitbit target is 30 minutes and for the week to come I’m going to leave that alone and see what happens.

MyFitnessPal targets will remain the same, my day off will be Thursday but all other days I plan to maintain my logging record.

16 Nov

Saturday – Day 2.6

This week Thursday and Friday have not been good for me but I’m pleased to see it looks like today is a good long stride in the right direction.

I’ve reached all my targets for the day and logged everything I’ve eaten so at this rate I will hit my goals, but historically Sundays are my worst days so I may need to sure up the numbers with a little treadmill work to be on the safe side.

15 Nov

Friday – Day 2.5

It’s Friday once again and like last night I have little report. I’m almost 1,100 steps under target and I stopping logging around dinner time, so the half bag of Doritos for dinner doesn’t show. Tomorrow is another day and another attempt to make it better. Frankly I need to do something tomorrow or I want hit my week’s end targets. I haven’t yet decided what targets I will set for next week, but I think they will have something to do with will-power and routine.

15 Nov

Android 4.4 KitKat is here

It feels like I’ve been waiting on this arriving for ever, but its only been 8 months. KitKat is finally been release to the previous Nexus devices and so far I’m happy with my experience.

I’m yet to decided if I like using Hangout as my primary SMS app but it could grow on me. Other than that i have nothing but good things to say about my KitKat so far.

14 Nov

Thursday – Day 2.4

I knew going in not ever day would be good, and historically the day after my ‘days off’ are always bad ones. Today I have no idea what screen shots to share. I’m still sore and stiff from yesterdays treadmill so the chance of me hitting my Fitbit target are slim at best and I stopped logging after work so cant honestly say my dinner will have come within budget. So that’s two images I would usually share with you out the window.

I think today has to just been a bad day. On the whole I’m okay with that, but right here an now, I’m probably not. Tomorrow is Friday and another day so we’ll soon find out what it has in store for me. Maybe, with luck, I’ll hit the treadmill again tomorrow? I’m still on track for my weeks target, but that is only thanks to yesterdays over archiving

12 Nov

Tuesday – Day 2.2

At the end of the second day I have once again hit my targets. MyFitnessPal was a close call, but still within budget. Tomorrow is my day off as I am working late night so want be home till late, however I am hoping to find the time in the morning to hit the treadmill for a bit as I see no reason why tomorrow I can’t do more steps than the minimum but I want be logging my food.

I also got a new Fitbit report in the mail and I am delighted to see that there has been improvement across the board compared to last week. The only area I down from the previous week is in floors climbed, only reaching 79 floors down from 93 on the previous week. I plan that next week will see an increase on this as well.

11 Nov

Monday – Day 2.1

Last night I announced my new target for the coming week. These targets are based on the progression plan I’m laying out. I’ve tried jumping in full speed since may and while I can make it work for a few days at a time the long term seems to be the problem.

Today is the start of the new lower daily target of 5,193 steps a day, taken from my daily average over the last 30 days. I’m pleased to say that with a little help from the treadmill I’ve made it today! I hope tomorrow will be as good

10 Nov

Sunday – Day 7

Its been seven days since I started my my latest attempt to lose weight and get fit. Looking back over the last week I’ve done well hitting the target I set, five days of logging with only two days off. Now, for week two.

This time round I’m focused on movement. I’ve using the 10k steps target for as long as I can remember and in reality that’s just to much to go too, when you’re starting from next to nothing.

This time round I’m going to take an average of the last 30 days and make that my new target, I don’t yet know what that will be but first thing tomorrow I will query my Fitbit records and find the magic number, while maintaining my logging records of no more than two days off. I’m also going to try eating better, but that is not a target for next week so if it were to fail or I slipped up I wont be taking it to badly.

What target have you set for yourself next week?

09 Nov

Saturday – Day 6

Today was never supposed to be a rest day, but that’s what its became after lunch out for dad’s birthday party. With only two breaks this week I’m still on track for my weeks target.

Last week I had five days off, so my only target for the week was to have less and so far I’m getting that done. Tomorrow I will finalise my intentions for next week. It helps to know what you plan before your half way through.

Night all

08 Nov

Friday – Day 5

After a day off I feel back to sorts. Another full day of logging and this is the first time I’ve been over my allowance, and even that only by 16 calories, which is amazing after you open a bag of Doritos.

Next weeks targets are going to be slightly different. In the last month I have averaged 5,435 steps a day I am intending to increase that to 7,000. The normal target is 10,000 but I’m planning to build up to this in stages.

To this end I’ve updated my Fitness pages with a new table showing the week to date along with the total and green/red indicator showing my progress towards my goal. My Fitness page was always intended to show the information that was of most use to me so this simple update showing the information I want is a natural progression.

Next week will have another ‘day off’ but this time it will be Wednesday.

07 Nov

A new Discworld is out!

Since I first seen it announced on Twitter I’ve been waiting, all be it impatiently, for the release of the newest Terry Pratchett Discworld. Well the day has finally arrived.

Today, November 7th, the 40th Discworld book was published by Terry Pratchett. Raising Steam will be the 3rd book featuring Moist von Lipwig and follows on from Going Postal and Making Money both of which feature in my list of favourite Discworld novels

I have only just started reading it so I can’t give a proper review just yet, but I’m too excited to wait for that and have to share the good news now.

To the consternation of the patrician, Lord Vetinari, a new invention has arrived in Ankh-Morpork – a great clanging monster of a machine that harnesses the power of all of the elements: earth, air, fire and water. This being Ankh-Morpork, it’s soon drawing astonished crowds, some of whom caught the zeitgeist early and arrive armed with notepads and very sensible rainwear.

Moist von Lipwig is not a man who enjoys hard work – as master of the Post Office, the Mint and the Royal Bank his input is, of course, vital…but largely dependent on words, which are fortunately not very heavy and don’t always need greasing. However, he does enjoy being alive, which makes a new job offer from Vetinari hard to refuse….

Steam is rising over Discworld, driven by Mister Simnel, the man wi’ t’flat cap and sliding rule who has an interesting arrangement with the sine and cosine. Moist will have to grapple with gallons of grease, goblins, a fat controller with a history of throwing employees down the stairs and some very angry dwarfs if he’s going to stop it all going off the rails….

> ©2013 Terry and Lyn Pratchett (P)2013 Random House Audiobooks

06 Nov

Wednesday – Day 3

Another day gone by, hump day in fact. Half way through my first week and there have been no bad days as yet and today was the first day there was no snacking which as you can imagine is a big step and one I’m very proud of.

Tomorrow is the LUG meeting so I’m taking the day off, which means the only things that get logged in MyFitnessPal will be what is reported by my Fitbit and my water drunk.

In unrelated news I’ve been playing with a new Android home screen. GoLauncher is, so far, really fast and responsive but I’m yet to scratch the surface so might report back more – under a more appropriate category – tomorrow.

November 06, 2013

My alarm went off twenty minutes ago and I’m still not up. Perhaps it’s time for some “inspirational” images

05 Nov

Tuesday – Day 2

Today was a bit of a shock. While a friends in town we went out for dinner and despite that I’m still under my calorie budget.

It was also a really nice meal which is almost unheard of where we went, I’m starting to think I’ve been miss judging the place!

On related news I’ve wish got last weeks report from my Fitbit and as you can see from all the red, I was way down from the week before. I know it’s not part of this weeks targets, but I am still hoping this weeks report is better

November 04, 2013

I leave tonight wishing you all the best the rest of your week, I’ll keep you updated about mine

04 Nov

Monday – Day 1

The only goal for today was logging, even the bad, and I am quite happy to say that it was a successful day.

I logged three meals, and while they might not have been the perfect choices, I still came well under MyFitnessPal targets. The biggest difference is the snacks, there was only one all day which is almost unheard of for me on a week day.

The only question I now have, is what the heck happened yesterday? My Body fat fell to 17% then today its back up at 23%. I’m assuming it was a ‘glitch’ in the scales but its still unusual to see.