30 Nov

Friday – Week 4 Day 5

I never posted yesterday which is a shame seeing as I was doing so well. I hit all my activity targets for the day although I was over my calorie intake, I’m blaming the Christmas pie personally but I don’t think the Mars bar will have helped any. Looking at my trends I’m still not […]

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24 Nov

Sunday – Week 3 Day 7

Well its Sunday again Its been another 7 days and according to my records I weigh slightly more than last week, but only by 0.2kg’s so not much. Thankfully yesterdays 80kg looks like it was only a blip. Having taken yesterday to ‘state my intentions’ for the week I thought tonight could be something different. […]

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17 Nov

Sunday – Day 2.7

With another week passed and I hit my weeks in target, but only just. Once again Sunday will show up as my worst day. I haven’t hit my pedometer target any only just stayed in good books with MyFitnessPal. Next week I’m going to increase my pedometer and floor targets based on the averages from […]

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November 13, 2013

With the help of the treadmill I hit my target for another day running. This will be short as I’m shattered tonight, but its important to me to check in each day. Not only did I hit my targets I rocketed through it. Once again I end the day hoping tomorrow will be as good

07 Nov

A new Discworld is out!

Since I first seen it announced on Twitter I’ve been waiting, all be it impatiently, for the release of the newest Terry Pratchett Discworld. Well the day has finally arrived. Today, November 7th, the 40th Discworld book was published by Terry Pratchett. Raising Steam will be the 3rd book featuring Moist von Lipwig and follows […]

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November 06, 2013

My alarm went off twenty minutes ago and I’m still not up. Perhaps it’s time for some “inspirational” images

November 04, 2013

I leave tonight wishing you all the best the rest of your week, I’ll keep you updated about mine