Monthly Archive: December 2013

Tuesday – Week 10 Day 2 0

Tuesday – Week 10 Day 2

Hogmanay, News Years Eve… What ever you call it, I hope you are enjoying it as much as me. Good food and good company is all that’s important, needless to say I have slipped...

Saturday – Week 9 Day 6 0

Saturday – Week 9 Day 6

Welcome back. The festivities are all over and I’ve spent the day cleaning the house, like most have I expect after week of Christmas parties – and will again next week. This morning was...

Friday – Week 9 Day 5 0

Friday – Week 9 Day 5

No blog tonight, recovering from the family festivities. It means a lot to me that your following along on my journey. I’ll be back on track tomorrow, so expect a real blog post then.


Wednesday – Week 9 Day 3

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas dinner and over indulged they way we all should do. I have been quite good so far this year, I really enjoyed my...

Sunday – Week 8 Day 7 0

Sunday – Week 8 Day 7

I’ve been trying to come up with some thing new for week nine. I know full well Christmas week isn’t going to be good and chances are I’ll take two or three days off,...


Saturday – Week 8 Day 6

Today I tried something new, after the donuts. Seeing as I knew what was for dinner I logged it in early. Strange affect this. I’ve been over budget for most of the day but...