31 Dec

Tuesday – Week 10 Day 2

Hogmanay, News Years Eve… What ever you call it, I hope you are enjoying it as much as me. Good food and good company is all that’s important, needless to say I have slipped with my logging. Still it is the holidays so it can be excluded.

Soon enough I will have to start back in earnest, but that is for next year. For the rest of this one I intend simply to enjoy myself.

28 Dec

Saturday – Week 9 Day 6

Welcome back. The festivities are all over and I’ve spent the day cleaning the house, like most have I expect after week of Christmas parties – and will again next week.

This morning was my first official weight in since Tuesday and over the last three days I’ve 1kg exactly. How I did that I’m not sure, but I’ll take it. As for diet… Well I’m still in holiday mode, and probably will be till 6th of January when everything goes back to normal. I still expect to be blogging, but things might slide from day to day. Today for example has been a afternoon of coffee and a doughnut, least I’m saving my self for my dinner…at the Meat House. You can understand why I’m not expecting allot for the next few days.

Last Sunday I set my self some goals which sadly was not my best idea. Christmas week is not the week to start tightening up on what you eat, but we live and learn so next year I will not make the same mistake. This means that all those targets will follow me still I am archiving them with enough consistency to make adaptions.

Wednesday – Week 9 Day 3
25 Dec

Wednesday – Week 9 Day 3

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas dinner and over indulged they way we all should do. I have been quite good so far this year, I really enjoyed my Christmas dinner and I’m pleased to say didn’t over indulge but I am over my budget for the day. This is mostly because I have been very inactive today hardly hitting any of my activity targets.

Since yesterday I have been feeling under the weather. I’m not sure if its a flu or not but what every it is, I have had back pain, a head ache and generally felt run down all day. This has sadly stopped me making full use of my time the way I wanted too. Still it is passing so I am hoping it will move on before the end of the week.

Santa how ever was very good for to me and I got a set of dumbbells. Here is to a new addition to my fitness scheme.

Monday – Week 9 Day 1
23 Dec

Monday – Week 9 Day 1

Right so day one of week 9 and how did I do? Well, not good. In fact today was a really bad day. Turns out when there’s little work to do I snack allot. In fact almost a 1/4 of all the calories I eat today where in snacks. I’ve also barely hit any of my activity targets. It is a miracle but I did achieve 1,071 activity calories which is at least within target, but nothing else was.

So, a quick round up. Based on this weeks goals, how did I do?

One: Failed
Two: Success
Three: Failed
Four: Failed
Five: Unattempted

Sunday – Week 8 Day 7
22 Dec

Sunday – Week 8 Day 7

I’ve been trying to come up with some thing new for week nine. I know full well Christmas week isn’t going to be good and chances are I’ll take two or three days off, but that’s no reason to give up completely.

I’ve been looking at some of the information available on Fitbit and MyFitnessPal and want to use some of that to drive next week. According to Fitbit my dinners take up 46% of my daily calories, but for weight loss this should be around 30% with the majority being breakfast and lunch. I’ve started a 12 week Fitbit plan to try increasing my activity levels, the last two weeks I’ve been doing quite well and next week my target is 1,022 activity calories burnt, so this too is another target.

MyFitnessPal says daily intake should be 1,390 calories and I don’t tend to go over that anymore. However any additional exercise tends to get added on. I would like to see myself ending each day with at least 700 ‘spare’ calories. I’m not planning to starve myself to get there, I want to earn them.

So, what are the targets?
One: Lower dinner calorie intake to around 30%
Two: Burn 1,022 activity calories
Three: End each day with at least 700 calories remaining
Four: Maintain my current Fitbit targets of 5,549 steps and 16 floors
Five: Travel 36 km on the treadmill by the end of the week, that’s three 12km sessions

Saturday – Week 8 Day 6
21 Dec

Saturday – Week 8 Day 6

Today I tried something new, after the donuts. Seeing as I knew what was for dinner I logged it in early. Strange affect this. I’ve been over budget for most of the day but the gap has been getting small all day which is actually quite a positive influence, and a welcome side affect.

I did make the time for the treadmill and made up what I was missing during the week, so tomorrow might just add icing to the cake, but well see.

Additional: The treadmill work out better than I could have hoped for. In just over 2 hours I did 12km. Averaging out a pace of 6kph isn’t bad, some bits were faster some where slower but I’m very pleased keeping up 6kph for that long. According to the treadmills computer I burnt over 1,000 so perhaps my donuts haven’t turned out so bad after all

Friday – Week 8 Day 5
20 Dec

Friday – Week 8 Day 5

I hit my targets today, but I didn’t log my meals so I really have no idea how I did overall. My instinct says I did not do that well because I ended up with a chocolate craving just before lunch, which I subsequently satisfied.

Tomorrow is the weekend and I will make time for my workouts. I’m also off into town, some last second shopping, which will help me reach my normal targets as well.

I am still expecting my weight to increase sooner rather than later, it just hasn’t happened yet. Thanks to this blog thought I can admit to my self it will happen, the only question is when.

Thursday – Week 8 Day 4
19 Dec

Thursday – Week 8 Day 4

Today there was no snaking, we finally polished off the rest of the buffet! Thankfully I didn’t get a look in. I said before this week I’ve not been feeling myself and while I’ve still not put my finger on any reason it’s probably the weather/season. With that thought came a solution, or at least an idea.

As of tonight I’ve started doubling my vitamin-d intake. VitD is a well known problem with this winter weather, mostly due to the lack of sun. So in an effort to fend it off I’m taking supplements to try and make up the difference.

I’ve just taken a look at weekly target, sadly I don’t appear to be hitting my goals all be it only just. I think once again it will require the weekend to help me make up the difference.

Wednesday – Week 8 Day 3
18 Dec

Wednesday – Week 8 Day 3

A very quiet week so far. I really haven’t been working out as much as I hoped I would by now and I’ve been snacking at work. However the buffet remains are almost gone so the temptation should go with them.

My wrights been unusually stable as well, so I am expecting an increase before long. Best will in the world isn’t going to stop the junk I’ve been eating catching up with me.

Tuesday – Week 8 Day 2
17 Dec

Tuesday – Week 8 Day 2

Another day another blog. I’ve been in a funny mood this week and its showing in my actions. This morning I woke up with more then enough time to workout but I chose to nit snooze, more than once. I also stopped logging and snacked all day long thanks to the Ramming buffet stuff.

Never mind, no one to blame but my self so tomorrow I will make the effort, assuming I remember how disappointed in my self I am this evening.

Monday – Week 8 Day 1
16 Dec

Monday – Week 8 Day 1

There were good and bad elements in today. I did hit my goals, but I also slipped.

Everything was going fine up till lunch, then I seen the left overs! After the buffet on Friday there was a great deal of food left over and it was just sitting there waiting to be eaten, so I did.

That aside, dinner wasn’t something I’m too ashamed of and I did my work out this morning. Like most summaries it has its good points and its bad, the trick is seeing both for what they are and focusing on the good ones.

Sunday – Week 7 Day 7
15 Dec

Sunday – Week 7 Day 7

Week 7 comes to close and its been a good one so far. This time last night I thought reaching my 112 floors was going to be the hardest things to reach, but I beat it and all my other goals.

I also made it thru my full 2 hour work out. Not as intense as some others but its good that I’m putting the time aside to do it more often then not

Diet wise its been a good day mostly eating healthy. Lots of veg and fibber. A little brie but allot less than I’d normally have had.

Looking ahead. Next week I will be keeping the same targets, but I don’t want to simply rely on the weekend to reach them. This week I plan to hit each of my daily targets. Then I can use the weekend to add more. I also want to work on my plank and wall sits times, along with general Runtastic Squats and Sit ups. I am aiming to follow the training plans in each app to build on what I’m able to do. I’ve also ordered a pull up bar so I will be adding that to my workouts, assuming it arrives this week.

Weight goals: 78.6kg Failed
Steps: 39,651 Passed
Floors: 129 Passed
Distance: 26.18 Passed
Friday – Week 7 Day 5
13 Dec

Friday – Week 7 Day 5

Really not allot to report for my day off. I was well behaved, although I probably over eat at the buffet. I like to think I made up for it at the cinema by completely avoiding the snack bar and hitting all my targets.

As for my weekly goal, I am still on target to reach it although I need to work on the floors a little as I am almost a day behind so now have to climb 47 flights before Monday. Still I am plan to hit the weekend running and am already thinking up a new target to add to the mix next week.

Wednesday – Week 7 Day 4
11 Dec

Wednesday – Week 7 Day 4

Another week another report is in. I think I am finally getting away from the idea that Sunday is my worst day. After all there is no reason for it, I have a full day away from work at a desk so I should be using the time. At least the last few weeks I have been.

There isn’t allot more good news to talk about tonight. I did come under my budget, but I feel live been under logging the last few days so it might not be as true an indication as it should be.

Once again on the way to bed I realised how close to target I was and decided to hit them all but there wasn’t as much effort as there could have been.

Monday – Week 6 Day 1
09 Dec

Monday – Week 6 Day 1

First day of another week, but not allot of stuff to report. I haven’t hit my targets as of writing so if I have by the time you read this it’ll be a feat.

Tomorrow is my late night so I am planning to get on the treadmill before work so I hope to be making up for any laps today and building up a surplus for the rest of the week.

I’ve stopped picking my days off in advance and more just taking them when it seems like the right day. However this week I’m taking Friday off. We’re having a buffet

Sunday – Week 5 Day 7
08 Dec

Sunday – Week 5 Day 7

I have allot to live up to today. Yesterday was one of my best days since my ‘reboot’. I had 19 floors to climb, a tall order. However thanks to yesterday I was already past my steps goal.

It’s fantastic for me to be able to show I hit all my goals, not only for the day but for the week as well. To end the week on all greens is a big achievement for me and I really am very pleased with myself, I really did do better than last week.

The idea from last night of using Doctor Who as my incentive also worked out well one special and one episode made for a nice workout. As rewards go its a hell of allot better than chocolate! Granted, I did have some chocolate too but that hardly seems to be the point.

Saturday – Week 5 Day 6
07 Dec

Saturday – Week 5 Day 6

Today was a good day. Once again I can prove to myself that with effort, in this case 50 minutes or just two episodes of Doctor Who, and I not only hit my target I flew right past it.

I’m really getting back in Doctor Who so I’ve decided that I’ll save my Who for the treadmill alone, Christmas special aside. This will give me motivation and a immediate reason to get up for my workout.

This whole project has been about information so I’m starting to track some more information even though I haven’t yet worked out what I’m going to do with it yet, I find it better to gather information I’m interested in, then work out what to do with it and how to analyse it.

07 Dec

MyFitnessPal – Record Water

I’m in the mood for something a little different. So will I’m walking here on the treadmill this afternoon I thougnt I’d share what I’ve been working on. We all know I am a huge fan of MyFitnessPall but a little disapointed there isnt a public API I can write too. So I’ve written a couple of bash scripts I now run on from my Android, these mimic key inputs. Once again, my life is automated!

The first script records water drank, simple pass it a number and it’ll record that number of glasses of water – really simple

The second one completes the days diary. Two very simple scripts, but there are catches. You must have a rooted phone, and you have to be using the Nexus 4. If your not on the Nexus 4 you can edit the first section and update all the X Y codes.

Quick simple and easy. I hope you enjoy!

Record X glasses of water

Complete the days diary

Thursday – Week 5 Day 4
05 Dec

Thursday – Week 5 Day 4

I’ve not allot to say tonight, again, but that shouldn’t be true. This week hasn’t had a day off yet but tonight was a LUG night and that is historically my day off so I stopped logging after lunch.

I did however hit all my targets and I’m quite proud of that so it is definitely something I should be actively shouting from the roof tops, but this week I’m struggling to see the achievement. I was hoping I would be blogging with ease by now but I’m still forcing every word – I just hope this isn’t the start or a down spiral again. So I’m sharing this post everywhere I can for that little extra oversight

Tuesday – Week 5 Day 2
03 Dec

Tuesday – Week 5 Day 2

Today isn’t as good a day as yesterday, but it never I never expected it too. What I have learnt is if I do not get up early to workout I can’t make the time in the evening and work just isn’t enough on it’s own. I set my floor target at 16 a day, but its not easy working in a 1 floor building so I really have to got up and down the stairs at home constantly.

I had a good diet today thought. A nice breakfast only the one snack and a salad for dinner. I’m supposed to be 1,000 calories less than I’m eating but I didn’t quite manage that but I was close ending the day with 715 left.

Well that’s really all for tonight I don’t have anything else to say. Like I said there is very little states from today so not allot I can ‘analyse’.

Just before I go though I want to plug this group I found on Fitbit – for anyone taking “the long route” to person fitness

Monday – Week 5 Day 1
02 Dec

Monday – Week 5 Day 1

Week five has began with a bang. I’ve trounced so many of my targets I can’t believe it. I got up learn, by got up I mean didn’t hit snooze, and went straight to the treadmill for a nice 45 minute stroll. Fast but comfortable. I’ve also started using Runtastic‘s Squat app so something new. I’m going to work to the program from the start so it’ll be a slow start.

The name of this game is information. Over the weekend I found did some more work on my Fitbit module, when the phone is in “treadmill” mode I now have live voice alerts of steps taken. This morning was the first practical use and I’ve found it genius to add that extra motivation to go further. I also came across a new Fitbit API call to the friends leader board, so my sites Statistical Trend also lists where I am on the board. Currently I’m second place but its good to see.

As for food well the same goals apply. I’ve had quite a healthy day. I had planned on stake for dinner but in the end opted for the healthier choice of a big salad. I had a few snacks at a work all the same so perhaps I was

01 Dec

Sunday – Week 4 Day 7

Today will be a short one. I haven’t allot to say about the day, historically Sunday is my worst day in any given week, but I have hopes today will break the pattern. I hit all my targets bar time active and seeing as I spent the best part or 45 minutes on the treadmill, all be it walking, I am working on the assumption Fitbit is wrong this time round.

While I hit all my targets I didn’t exceed them and my over all short-term goal of 38,843 steps has been missed by around 2,000. Not a great deal but its still significant. There are no new goals this week, until I can hit the ones I have I want to go about settings new ones as this could just lead to missing more and eventually it becomes easier to stop all together.

So next week I still plan to take 16 flights of stairs, walk 5,549 steps and always choose the healthy food options. Here’s to week 5! As always, if you have been, thanks for reading