Tuesday – Week 13 Day 2

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  1. elisabeisme says:

    Perhaps you should try Pact. That makes you commit to a certain number of veggies, or gym days or MFP log completion days. I’ve just started but it does seem to be encouraging me to eat more veggies. In MPF, the veggies are “just another carb” where as in Pact, you have to actually eat veg!

  2. Paul Sutherland says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I had a conversation with a colleague who does a lot of weight training and he is very disciplined and cooks twice a week. He batch cooks on a Sunday and then mid week. He eats a lot of lean meats and fresh vegetables; clean carbs he calls it.

    It got me thinking, although I have no interest in weight training, the discipline of batch cooking sounded interesting. I tried it out buying a large Cauliflower and Broccoli, Sweet potato and greens beans. I bought a lot of chicken and turkey and cooked some in the oven, some stir-fried in the wok with spices and in the end I had a lot of tupperware boxes with lunch and dinner that would do me from Sun to Wed. I would repeat the batch cook on a Thursday with maybe pork loin and a different take on the chicken. I stuck to plain porridge for breakfast and fruit in between.

    This meant I had zero waste from the veg and other ingredients (Think how often you throw stuff out where you have only used a small amount). I had free time during the week, dinner and lunch were heated up in the Microwave and they tasted good, so more time spent with the young lad.

    So you save time, money, waste and you eat a very healthy diet. I am also spared the horrible experience of walking around a large supermarket looking for something edible at lunchtime. We all know we should eat healthy, but the hungrier I get the quicker my standards drop until I would eat road kill when starving (thus most of the supermarket swill appears appetising), so I thought i had to get control of my hunger pangs – keeping ahead of them. When you keep putting the healthy eating off to Monday, you realise after years pass you by, that with that mind set, that is never going to work.

    It is really hard to keep motivated as it can get monotonous with batch cooking, so the trick is to be varied, I am now trying batch cooking casseroles, stews and soups, also freezing meals as well to bring in variety.

    I am not saying it is the righteous path, but worth experimenting if you are looking for another avenue.

    I have a Sunday off. Bacon roll for breakfast, out for lunch and a traditional Sunday dinner.



    • Thank Paul, I will give the batch cooking a try but the truth is I am only just getting into cooking vs premade meals so there could be slow progress.

      How are you finding it?

      • Paul Sutherland says:

        Truth be told. Very hard. There is always an event or circumstance that will knock you off, but I am determined to keep it going on the belief that if you do something long enough it becomes a habit.

        I am working through some slow cooker recipes to see if I can find any that are good for freezing.

        Definitely you need to mix it up or you quickly get bored. I am sure I suffered from a drop in sugar intake as well.

        However, when you manage a full week it is satisfying and you can feel a bit of difference in mood and the jeans!

        Going to bring the running into the mix this week. Not done any for a looooong time.

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