Friday – Week 17 Day 5
21 Feb

Friday – Week 17 Day 5

Tomorrow I start my skiing holiday in France and by this time I’d hoped I would be better prepared, but I’m not. My last week dash to get ready was not enough time to make a difference.

Well I was able to make some difference. In the last week I was able to improve my diet but didn’t increase my activity level the way I wanted. Never mind. For the next week I will probably not be online the way I have before but we’ll see what happens over the next few days.

I will be around as much as I can, but it may be on and off

15 Feb

The Return – Week 16 Day 6

I’ve been away some time now. Not recording my meals and not really paying the attention I should and taking almost no exercise. In the last few days I’ve started coming around. I can see what is happening and what has happened.

I’ve no idea why this has happened. I know better than most what my mood swings can be like, if I could plot them out they’d look like a strange Sign graph, this week I hit the lower end and am now starting to climb up the other side. I think I’m somewhere here…

Today marks seven days before I go to France for a week skiing. I had hoped I would be allot fitter by now but I’m not and there is little point in dwelling on that. I still have seven days and that is enough to make a difference. If I really put in the effort I want to I can improve myself before I go, so while I’d wanted to have done more by now least I’m coming out the dip while there is still a week ahead.

When I stepped on the scales this morning I was 78.9 kg and had 22.5 % body fat. I would like to get both of these down, but not having done a full week routine I can’t say how much by. I will obviously be on the scales again before I leave so we will see what progress is made.

Shall we just say this, week 17, will be a better week than the weeks it precedes

05 Feb

Wednesday – Week 15 Day 3

Sadly I have very little report tonight. I still haven’t managed to recover from my day of last week, which has just gone to show my desire to be fit and healthy still hasn’t sunk to the level of routine but I still have faith. I was out on Monday so forgot to blog, and that bothered me more than I’d have expected, and in all honesty tonight blog is nothing to write home about ether.

The only upside is I have gone back to my diet and am eating sensibly again so my main focus now must be exercise, its always been my weakest point and so must be where I put the most attention.

I have a couple of days off work this week, so I am hoping to make up for some lost time then if I don’t before hand. I will keep my eye on this more closely than before.