18 Jun

Day 24 – Wake Up Call

No matter how hard I try today I can’t seem to stop snaking. Everyday this week I’ve been wasting 500 calories on snacks. I just wish I had any idea how to stop it since will power alone is getting me no where.

I also have to think about how I’m going to increase my activity levels. I’m in day two of my twelve week Fitbit programme and I’m hitting the targets but only just, so if I don’t change something soon I’m never going to reach my goals next week.

I know this is a long term goal and there are no quick fixes, but sometimes it’s just hard to see how I’m ever going to get there. I was doing really well last year and after only a few weeks of giving up on now in a worse starting point than I was last year.

16 Jun

Day 22 – What a week

Well I’ve not been doing to well of late. The last two weeks have seen me spend more time in front of one computer or another than is healthy. From turning Excel into a poor mans relational database, to doing some long over due homework and finally rebuilding my primary server after a failed Ubuntu 14.04 upgrade. The down side to all this had been snaking, and very little exercise. Now it’s time for change.

I spent the weekend updating my Drupal [Fitbit]( plugin and adding more graphs and more importantly bringing the information I want most to the front page. So now for the hard part, filling up the progress bars.

I’ve started another Fitbit twelve well improvement plan, hopefully I will see myself increasing my admittedly terrible activity levels from abysmal to moderate – I am, if nothing else, realistic.