Monthly Archive: December 2014

Content Api 0

Content Api

Since I started use Hexo for my site allot of things have been easier. Like creating an API to access the site contents. It was a nightmare for me in Drupal 7 and in...


agedu: Clean up wasted space in Linux

In some situations a quick trip to get a drive is required but in many situations space can easily be reclaimed by removing the gunk that’s accumulated, but how do you determine what’s junk?...


Overclocking RaspberryPi

By default the processor in the Raspberry Pi runs at 700MHz, but it can be overclocked without voiding your warranty. Basically a processor is designed to do one job at time, be it retrieving...


A Linux Security Checklist

I recently came across this article about securing yourself on a Linux machine – Security Checklist for Linux System. It’s equally true about Windows users as well: Keep the system updated with latest security...



As your can see for yourself I’ve rebuilt the site, again. I’ve code named this new iteration Alpe d’Huez, but it’s really version 8. So NxFIFTEEN Alpe d’Huez, what’s the point? I’ve washed my...