Yearly Archive: 2015


Rsync Bandwidth Limit

How do I stop Rsync using all my bandwidth? If you use rsync to move large or just a large number of files from one machine to another, ether over the internet or your...


Samba Full Audit Trail

This is a new one. I was asked today by someone to explain why files were missing from the Samba file server. Sadly in the end I wasn’t able to find out why simple...


Updated certificate authority

Just a quick announcement. This week I released an updated certificate authority. All my services are now signed using this new authority. The reason for this is purely maintenance. Since I released my last...

Only run the scene at night 0

Only run the scene at night

This is a very simple LUUP snippet. The Vera has a handy function .is_night() which, as you’d expect, simply returns true or false depending on if its day or night. Vera doesn’t need an...


Tenvis MINI319W Review

My trusty Panasonic BL-C10 IP camera finally failed after years of faithful service, so I went online searching for a replacement. After some searching I came across the Tenvis Mini319W for a low budget...


Tignes 2015

.mgl-tiles { display: none; } #mgl-gallery-5ba8498edd142 .mgl-row { height: 300px; } #mgl-gallery-5ba8498edd142 .mgl-box { padding: 5px; } @media screen and (max-width: 600px) { #mgl-gallery-5ba8498edd142 .mgl-row { height: 100px; } figcaption { display: none; }...

Acer Aspire CMOS battery

I have searched online for an archive of this post but to no avail. In the end I found this YouTube video by Ultimate Handyman in which he has done a far better job of showing how to replace the CMOS battery in the Acer laptop than I ever did.


Time to let go. My email will be changing

This weekend is time to go on a domain purge. Turns out all my domains for up for renewal in January and all 25 of them auto renew making January, already a tight months...


The Dangers of Open Spots

All over the web you will see people telling you the internet is an unsafe place to be, but the biggest danger doesn’t come from some one sitting at home intercepting your connection to...


Raspberry Pi Yearly Running Cost

I don’t know about you but I run a number or Raspberry Pi’s in my house all doing different jobs. I’ve often heard it said how inexpensive a Pi is to run but I...


I will be speaking at The Software Society

This week I will be talking at Dundee Tech Talks about Bitcoin (which will be the subject of next months posts) what it is, what you can do and how they work. The talk...


Week 1.4 – Wednesday

I have said before I want to start writing longer and more in depth articles this year, with the goal of one a month, now I’m almost ten days into January and I’m not...


A cure for Crons chronic email problem

Anyone who has setup a backup system on their Linux machine, and I hope you all have, will be well aware of the problems when running commands from {% link crontab Crontab via...


Week 1.1 – Monday

It’s come again, a new year brings with it a flood of new year resolutions. It’s far from original but in 2015 I’m jumping back on the treadmill and MyFitnessPal. I’ve been paying no...


Resolutions – 2015

2014 has seen allot of changes in this site. NxFIFTEEN has always been my personal site where I could write more freely about the this that interest me, even thought that usually revolves around:...