Raspberry Pi Powered OpenVPN – Server, Part 4

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  1. Waikari Boy says:

    ok reboot pi and then what, you have not posted anything about the client connects to the server!

  2. Delmar Jackson says:

    will these instrucions work with the rp2? will it matter i i install as root user? will it autostart on boot? sometimes my pi2 gets unplugged without a proper shutdown. would that damage the setup if all im using it for is a vpn?

    • This will work perfectly well on a Raspberry Pi 2. I’ve just setup my VPN server again on a Pi2 and had no problem, fact the setup took a lot less time!

      I’ve also not had any problems with losing power. OpenVPN will start up at boot and be sitting ready for connections with-in about 10-15 seconds of you adding power – as long as the SD card survives it want affect the setup

      • Delmar Jackson says:

        Thank you!

      • Delmar Jackson says:

        I’ve had this setup working for a long time now without any issue. The other day I set up hostapd so I could connect to the pi as a wifi access point to sync files from the camera. The problem is the vpn no longer provides internet access as I must have messed something up any ideas?

  3. blotchart says:

    Thank you it worked perfectly please make more guides like this!

  4. Prasad Kumar says:

    I guess everything worked fine and I have got .ovpn files. But when I try to connect them on my android tablet I have the some error like
    openvpn core error: PolarSSL: cert certificate is underdefined

    If possible could you help me setup the pi once again as VPN server? Thank You

  5. Tyson Goulding says:

    Great guide! Had a question regarding SSH. I can’t reach any equipment I have at home via SSH. I believe its an IP issue with the command I pasted in nano. Gateway, Mask, VPN When I become connected with VPN set to a What do I need to change? (I left all the commands besides the (CHANGE IP) in the commands you had. This would be wonderful if you can respond.

  6. wortelsoft says:

    For everybody who gets an error while copying the easy-RSA stuff use the following command instead. sudo make-cadir easy-rsa

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