Software Society Email problems – Resolved
27 Mar

Software Society Email problems – Resolved

Fan-bloody-tastic! I’ve been trying to work out why emails to the Software Society have been falling over the last few weeks and finally I’ve worked it out!

The lesson to take away from it is, never let someone on the other side of an IT support desk do anything for you that’s mission critical.

All my domains are hosted thru 123-Reg who act as my registrar, and have done for years. I’ve never had to use their support desk in the past and found the service perfect for my needs. Recently one of the servers I was using as an alternative DNS Nameserver was being shutdown so I duly made alternative arrangements and went to update my registrar only to be greeted with errors. Unfortunately I was, and still am, unable to update the registrar nameservers for any domain ending in .uk.

Not to concerned I contact support and ask them to update my nameservers to, b.ns…., c.ns…. and d.ns…. within a few hours I had a response saying it had all been taken care of.

Fast forward a few weeks and emails are starting to fail, a quick check of my ISP nameserver shows no problem but on a whim I check with Google’s and low and behold the domain no longer has any DNS records!

I will leave aside the long and tedious story of how I spent hours trying to find the problem and checking the DNS server configuration files and skip right on to checking my registrar was returning the right details, as you probably guest it wasn’t. My friendly request to the support desk had resulted in my new nameservers being listed as, ns2., ns3. and ns4. which are not A records on my domain.

Rather than going back through support to fix this, I still cant change them using the admin panel, I’ve resorted to adding these new domain records to my DNS. This can take 24-48 hours to propagate across the net, and as of writing Google’s DNS hasn’t updated, so please be patient with me a little longer. The problem has been resolved, I’m just waiting on it to filter through.

My New Php Fitbit Library is Complete
20 Mar

My New Php Fitbit Library is Complete

ast month I announced I was working on a write of my Drupal/Fitbit module to allow it to run independently of the Drupal framework. What I wanted was a application that would allow me to do everything I was doing before even in a static HTML site – In just over a month and more than 180 commits that’s what I’ve achieved.

My new application is completely separate from the HTML site, meaning it can have its own database and run its own analysis on historical data held there (since Fitbit has an API limit making direct call every time you want to know many any steps you took last week is inefficient, and if the site got heavy load could lead to no getting anything out of the API for an hour or so).

Results from my API are all delivered thru JSON return block that can then be processed using Javascript on directly within the browser. Since the JSON is delivered thru my caching proxy there is very little load on the server, but as an added step each JSON block is cache within the file directory so where there have been no changes this can be sent back instead of rerunning any database queries.

You can see the full API in action on my health section but it supports seven main section

As before the source code will be released and an OpenSource project, but before I do I still have to write an install script and some form of admin UI because at present to get the code up and running you need to spent more time in the MySQL database than is healthy.

If you really can’t wait though drop me a line in the comments section bellow or over the feedback form and I can sort our some early access for you