Rsync Bandwidth Limit
02 Aug

Rsync Bandwidth Limit

How do I stop Rsync using all my bandwidth?

If you use rsync to move large or just a large number of files from one machine to another, ether over the internet or your local network, you’ll have realised rsync uses as much bandwidth as it can get a hold of which is not always convenient.

The reason you might want to reduce rsync’s bandwidth load is to ensure it doesn’t clog up you network making everything else unusable.

Obviously this is going to slow down to total time require to transfer your files. On the face of it this might not seem ideal, but if your moving your nightly backup files from your webserver to your backup location time isn’t the most important factor. What you really want is these backups to happen seamlessly in the background and not to DDOS your own site.

A normally rsync command might look something like this:

The parameter that tells rsync how much bandwidth to use is --bwlimit.

So if you want to limit rsync to 10MB a second the command would look like:

Or to limit rsync to 5MB a second the command would look like: