Week 0 Day 2 – 2017
17 Jan

Week 0 Day 2 – 2017

I’d love to say this isn’t a case is New Year, new me but it probably is in part.

I’ve been dabbling with my health for years now, but am at my most successful when blogging. See it turns out I need to be held accountable for my lapses and I know of no better way than recording my successes and failures here.

This is week Zero, it’s decided I need a week Zero as a prelude to week One too get myself setup and mentally ready since this is a big push.

I’ve got two targets over the next six months, first is March and the second is August.

  • By March I want to increase my general activity levels ready to go skiing – the idea of not being fit enough too spend the day on the slop is a driving force.
  • By August I’m planning on getting married so in a perfect world I’d like rid of it ponch !

So, if these are my goals for 2017 what am I doing with week zero? Well I’m not sure. I need to come up with some form of reward system thats not food based, and ideally not about spending money – although I am thinking about a financial penalty system, just not sure how any of thats going to work yet.

Please jump down to the comments section and leave your ideas for a reward/punishment system too.

But its time to call it a night, so – if you have been – thanks for reading