Sunday’s Market

I started this weekend making the mistake of checking my weight graph. As I should have expected it’s sky rocketed since August, must be married life.

But it’s probably a combination of things really, centering around the lack of any progress being made much before the wedding, which put a damper on enthusiasm.

But hey lets be up beat.

Yesterday was a bit of a write off so we’ll just got talk about it. Today I skipped breakfast and headed to a Christmas and food fair just outside Anstruther.

We had a really nice day out, but when lunch came around I slipped. Too much food on display and too many ‘burger’ van options. I ended up having a hot dog. Could have been worse, and in the end it was. A Nutella Crepe with marhsmallows more than doubled my callorie intake.

You’d think after that dinner would have been better… but you’d be wrong. Dinner was a haggis roll – think sausage roll, but with haggis.

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