Restore Zimbra, OSE, from backups

This morning I thought to take advantage of the long weekend and update my Zimbra installation – this didn’t go as well as expected. Instead I ended up with a corrupted server. I was left spending the morning restoring from my latest backup.

The process was simple enough, but since I couldn’t find a clear step-by-step guide I thought having an easy to find reference guide would be of use in the future – as I’m sure I’ll be in a simliar possition again one day.

I perform regluar backups of my Zimbra server using the script which produces a full backup of a Zimbra instance, rather than simply backup users mailboxes. The script is available from the Zimbra forum, how its quite a long thread.

Since my problems started after a Zimbra upgrade the first thing to do is uninstall Zimbra.

Next we need to determin the latest backup archive. creates a full backup and subsiquent differential backups. My lastest backup archive was 10_ZimbraBackup_20180328_FULL.txt.gz with 1 differential back up from last night.

Next we have to make sure the installed version is the same as the one your restoring from. Since Zimbra stores a note of installed files we can get that from the archive

Knowing what version to install you can download the correct version from Zimbra. Once downloaded follow the install guide and install Zimbra – it doesnt matter what settings and options you enter during the installation since we will be overwriting everything anyway.

Now the system is ready we can do the actual restoration work. First thing is to move the current zimbra folder aside then create a new folder for dar to restore too. Then tell dar to restore from your backup.

And your done. Everything should now be back to where it was before things went to the dogs

Stuart McCulloch Anderson

For over a decade and a half Stuart has been in love with all things science fiction or technology and for almost fourteen of those years his operating system of choice has been one breed of Linux or another and despite some brief trips back into the world of Windows Stuart has never found him self wanting anything else.

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