What is food

We all need it and we all eat it. We have a relationship with food and I think that relationship defines our health.

I want to eat healthily, but I’ve not been for years so this is still something I need to talk myself into. When I’m good it’s easy, when I’m not I slip.

My Slimming World classes teaches me to plan and organize my meals, and I do try, but no amount of planning will make up for a general apathy when the time comes to cook.

Just now food for me is a mechanical thing. I’m eating what’s to hand and what’s easy. The number of sandwiches I’m going through is disgraceful. I’ve misplaced my passion for what I’m eating. If I don’t enjoy my food how do I find the enthusiasm to cook it in the first place.

I know this relationship with food is at its best holding me back and at the worst dragging me backwards.

What is food too you? Use the comments below to tell me about your relationship with food

Stuart McCulloch Anderson

For over a decade and a half Stuart has been in love with all things science fiction or technology and for almost fourteen of those years his operating system of choice has been one breed of Linux or another and despite some brief trips back into the world of Windows Stuart has never found him self wanting anything else.

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