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The only way to improve my writing is by writing. So what do I write about?

I intend to write more tutorials and how to guides, but since I’m resolving to give my work the time of dwarves these will take time to write and research. So what do I write in the mean time?

As with most problems I started at Google and asked it. I came across this PDF from WordPress. Intended to give writers a new topic to blog each day of the year. I’m not yet ready for a daily blog but it’s, still a great resource and full of ideas I can play with.

So I’m setting up a new tag Post A Day. Each of these post will be off topic compared to the rest of this site, but I hope they’ll still be of interest to someone out there.

In order to encourage, and keep myself accountable, at the end of each post I’ll state upfront the topic of the next. While I don’t think a daily schedule is yet possible I think starting monthly might be achievable.

So, coming May 15th

“Red Pill, Blue Pill”

If you could get all the nutrition you need in a daily pill – no worrying about what to eat or food preparation – would you do it?

Stuart McCulloch Anderson

For over a decade and a half Stuart has been in love with all things science fiction or technology and for almost fourteen of those years his operating system of choice has been one breed of Linux or another and despite some brief trips back into the world of Windows Stuart has never found him self wanting anything else.

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