My name is Stuart, online I go by NxFIFTEEN or nxad for short. I’m a caffeine dependent life-form, often happiest when things don’t work so I get a chance to fix them again.

For almost two decades I have loved all things science fiction or technology. I write software, mostly in PHP – please forgive me I’m leaning NodeJS too. I may have been analogue at birth, but I’m digital by design.

I don’t blog much, but when I’ve something interesting to say I’ll post it here. I also tend to post little reminders for myself with commands and software I’ve found.

As you’ll quickly see from the site I’m not a content creator. I’m best described as The Producer. If you have something you want to do with your computer or the Internet I’ll find the best solution for you, if it doesn’t exist I’ll create it. I’ll train you on how to use it, or I’ll manage it for you.

If your wanting a website I’ll find the best solution for your needs, if you just want to create your content and not worry about the day to day running then I’ll run it for you - think of it as a Webmaster/Hostmaster combined.

If your wanting to start a podcast or YouTube channel I’ll consult on them to and help you reach the audience your aiming for.

I do the sand with hardware. I’ll help you pick the best machine for your workload, be that a top of the line gaming rig or something simple to check emails and Facebook.

This is who I am. I set you up with what you need, how you need it and ether show you how to manage it or manage it for you. I have a passion for helping people who want to create, but don’t know how you get started.

You usally find me on Matrix @nxad:nx15.uk or Mastodon @nxad@mastodon.scot, but I’m also at Keybase, GitHub, GitLab, reddit & Steam

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