Back to Linux

I got into computing seriously back in 1996 when I got my first PC and stopped using the family machine.

Back to Linux

I got into computing seriously back in 1996 when I got my first PC and stopped using the family machine. Like most computers it came pre installed with Windows 95 at the time I was happy. The machine worked and I could play some games and do some home work, but then year or so later I was walking around a PC World in Glasgow and seen this bright blue box with a big red hat on the cover. I'd no idea what I'd found or was about to do to my 12 year old brain. At the time I just knew I had to have it cause it looked cool. Some how I'd find a retail box for Red Hat Linux 4.

First Install

Now, we're talking about almost 23 years ago so my memories of the first install are slightly hazy and long before I had an Internet connection. But I still managed to get the install completed and after realising I'd bought a replacement for Windows I managed to blow away Windows 95 and install red hat from floppy disks. Well that was me all in and I become a Linux user for the first time.

My History


Fast forward through the years and I stuck with Linux almost exclusively for my desktop. I even setup the first St Andrews LUG before expanding it to a Fife LUG. When I moved to Dundee for uni I starting attending the local LUG.

My history with LUGs is long and speratic. To date I've launched and setup four Linux user groups. Each group learned from its predecessors and each had its own ups and downs (that's probably for another post though).

Back to Windows

Over the years I've gone back and forth with Linux and Windows, usually depending on what games I was playing at the time or if I was more in a working mood. Ironically my switch away from Linux came during a LUG meeting.

I invited a self titled Microsoft geek along to talk. The logic was sound. It was clear to see the LUG had few desktop Linux users left, almost all of them ran Linux in server environments. Having someone talk about Windows 10 and Microsoft was a no brained.

I was swayed when talked moved to OneNote. I can't remember exactly why this swayed me, but it did. I blew away Linux and went full Windows 10.

Back to Linux

And now here we are, after almost 5 years in the windows desktop world I'm coming home. Ubuntu 20.04 is out and I realised there was nothing on my machine that still needed me to run Windows, so, why not?

This will be my story. My build log as it were. It'll be full of ideas that don't come to fluishion, one's that don't work as planned and others that will only go up to try and save others from making the same mistake.

But with luck and the support of the communities there will be some gems. If I can put together a collection of tutorials and ideas that help others then this will be worth any effort - even just helping me down the line when I'm having to rebuild a machine.