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Back to Jekyll

This sites ran on so many different CMS’s its hard to keep count. Today I’m announcing a return to the word of the static.

So it another year and another change to my site. This time I’m moving from Wordpress to Jekyll, again.

This isn’t an ideological change. I still use WordPress on some other sites and recommend it many clients. Instead I’m making a change from purely practical reasons. I no longer blog on-the-go so don’t need the power and convenience of a live database driven CMS site and most of my most popular content had been my indepth brakedowns and how to guides. Since most of these are written over days or weeks and aren’t time sensitive the use of a slower publishing workforce doesn’t cause my any harm.

A big advantage to the switch is hosting cost. Wordpress is completely free. If you want to fire up a new blog you can do it in minutes for nothing, excluding hosting costs and even that can be mitigated by using a service like But there can be hidden costs. I ran alot of plugins on my site; Jetpack & Wordfence being the biggest but there are others too that supported ad rotation and my photo galleries. Using jekyll I’m getting away from all of that, and even my hosting costs can come down since I want need to run as powerful a server. Because of this I’m switch my blog to a completely adfree site.

I still will use by amazon affiliate links when I review or recommend a product - they don’t change your price, but they do kick a couple of quid back to the site which will help fund future reviews and guides - and I have my Patreon account.

If you want to help keep this site independent and adfree you can support my work by use any of options listed below each post. I’m setting up a Patreon page, like everyone else does now. If it takes off I’ll start working on some member perks but for now the only perk I can offer is a warm afuzzy feeling that comes from knowing your helping me keep creating great content for this site.

The flip side of this new redesign is content migration. I’ve been here before, rebuilding the site from the ground up, and spent hours pulling content from the old site, usually rewriting it in the new format but this time I’m not going to. I’ve gone through the site and I’ve pulled articles which are still relivent or just popular and moved them bit anything else is being left behind. This is a new start and a new format so I’m going to make full use of it. That said, I’ll keep an eye on the 404 logs and it anything keeps cropping up I’ll concider pulling that over to.

After this prooning of content is really slashed the content available on this site. So I’m working on my content schedule. A plan I’m seeing out for what comes next. Once it’s started I’ll publish it as a living document and keep up dating it as new things are completed or new ideas come to me.

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