Week 17 Day 5 – Huel & Coffee
21 Jul

Week 17 Day 5 – Huel & Coffee

This morning’s breakfast was Huel and coffee. Kinda worked, but like allot of things this week I could have a ether more coffee or a better/stronger one. Instant coffee just didn’t have a good kick. Looking back over the last few days a common problem has been lunch, I keep letting my self down with […]

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Week 17 Day 4 – Weight
July 20, 2017

Said I wouldn’t, but I did anyway. This is definitely show a weight increase. It could be down to drinking more, almost twice as much as yesterday, but it’s probably cause I’m eating too much at lunch and dinner.

If I do switch to Huel next week for lunch at least that could take care of one meal. Maybe I should give myself more dinner calories too.

I’m only looking for a 500 calorie deficit which really shouldn’t be too hard, but easier said

Some Achieve
April 10, 2017

The Some achive great success, is proof to all that other can achieve it as well

Abraham Lincoln
Week 1 Day 5 – Completed A Day
31 Mar

Week 1 Day 5 – Completed A Day

Yesterday I was finally able to honestly say I’d completed a full day. Recording from morning to night I have a honest reflection for the day. To be fair though it wasn’t a really good day, featuring too much junk but it’s a start. Today’s been a new day and got off to a good start. […]

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Week 1 Day 3 – 21 Days is what it takes
March 29, 2017

Last week I took a day off and here I am week later coming back to it. After a quick search I find common research seems to think it only takes 21 days to form , new habit, so adding it up if I can commit to my doing everything I want to everyday until Week 4 Day 3 then the habit should be formed… 

Right? I’m sceptical but we’ll see.

Week 0 Day 6 – Birthday Dinners
March 25, 2017

The problem with going out for dinner is your tempted to eat more than you need, add to that a birthday dinner – even if it’s not yours – and your further tempted to eat still more since its a “special occasion”

Some time the deck really is stacked against the weak willed

Week 0 Day 3 – A Better Day
March 22, 2017

Yesterday turned out to be a better day, not perfect but better all the same. The only meal I skipped was dinner.