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Getting there 0

Getting there

Weighing 74kg in five weeks may not seem much, but it’s well within my targets and, far more importantly, maintainable. The trick is reaching 74kg in five weeks, and not putting any more back...

Let’s celebrate 0

Let’s celebrate

The biggest problem I’ve had with this new blog idea was posting. Unlike WordPress Drupal doesn’t support mobile content creation naively and not a lot of people are working to add support. Mostly this...

October 26th, A slow start 0

October 26th, A slow start

This has not been a exercise rich day since I came down with the cold late last night, but my Fitbit has been recording away and its not to disgraceful all things considered. On...

A Hacker’s Diet 0

A Hacker’s Diet

Its a strange thing, that first morning, when you look in the mirror and ask yourself “What happened?”. For me this was back in March 2012 but denial was a large part of the...