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Week 19 Day 3 – Live From The Field

I’m so pleased to say I’m back! After months of being unable to get the WordPress app to connect to this blog it’s working again. Thanks to the amazing support from JetPack we were...


Week 17 Day 4 – Weight

Said I wouldn’t, but I did anyway. This is definitely show a weight increase. It could be down to drinking more, almost twice as much as yesterday, but it’s probably cause I’m eating too...



I Pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. Or he became me. Cary Grant


If Comfort were the Goal

If Comfort were the goal, no one in their right mind would wake up before the sun and put their body through pain. But its not comfort we’re after. It’s progress. However small.


Some Achieve

The Some achive great success, is proof to all that other can achieve it as well Abraham Lincoln