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Service Interruption

As many of you will have noticed we’ve been having intermittent down time this year. While I can still boast of 91% uptime over the last 30 days, that doesn’t really seem enough and...


Home Automation Project

I love the idea of home automation. Ever since the early days of Star Trek when they could get back to their room and tell the computer what they want – lights, music …...

Only run the scene at night 0

Only run the scene at night

This is a very simple LUUP snippet. The Vera has a handy function .is_night() which, as you’d expect, simply returns true or false depending on if its day or night. Vera doesn’t need an...


Tenvis MINI319W Review

My trusty Panasonic BL-C10 IP camera finally failed after years of faithful service, so I went online searching for a replacement. After some searching I came across the Tenvis Mini319W for a low budget...


DynPi The Assembly

Well all the parts are now here and its time to assemble it. Primarily I want it to be neat and tidy and easy, it has to be as simple as possible and ready...


DynPi My Portable XBMC Device

Almost all commercial media boxes, such as the AppleTV 2, have no internal storage. I want to build a fully portable, internet non-dependant media centre. As with all things the first step is a...

MyFitnessPal – Record Water 0

MyFitnessPal – Record Water

I’m in the mood for something a little different. So will I’m walking here on the treadmill this afternoon I thougnt I’d share what I’ve been working on. We all know I am a...

Which Home Automation to take LightwaveRF 0

Which Home Automation to take LightwaveRF

LightwaveRF is the new kid on the block, unrelated to X10 it shares the 1970s spirit and economic appeal. One of the biggest advantages I can see so far is the availability of components....

Which Home Automation to take X10 0

Which Home Automation to take X10

As I stated in my previous post, I have narrowed down the home automation protocols I wanted to look at to the big three: X10, Z-Wave and LightwaveRF. In the comments Bernard has suggested...

My Path Towards A Smart House 0

My Path Towards A Smart House

I have had visions of an automatic house since first seeing the idea on Tomorrows World. A few years ago I made my start, automatic lights controlled by motion sensors and door connectors. This...

No Tasker Sunday 0

No Tasker Sunday

No Tasker Sunday But there is good things coming This has been a busy week for me. At the end of last week I asked the Tasker Google+ community for some ideas of what...


The Three Strike Rule

Three Strike Rule means if you need to talk to me, keep calling. If not text This is just an information page. If you’ve come here from a text I sent after you tried...


Inbound Call Filter – Version 2.0

Thanks to some feed back from +Mike Lombardi over on the Tasker Google+ page I’ve updated my project a little. Instead of using a text file on the SD card to keep track of...


Inbound Call Filter

This is an idea, like most, that came to me at 2am during a restless night. Like most Tasker creations it started with a simple problem. When I put my phone to sleep it goes silent till 5am, so what do you do if someone needs to reach you? What put the idea in my head was a text from my flat mate saying he’d left his keys at home and needed me to leave the door unlocked. In his case it was luck I was up late and got the text.


Excel VBA Get Column Index

Over the last few months I’ve been doing more work in excel than is good for anyone’s health, trying to create a database best suited for access. Still, in the real world, you have...