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Rsync Bandwidth Limit

How do I stop Rsync using all my bandwidth? If you use rsync to move large or just a large number of files from one machine to another, ether over the internet or your...


Samba Full Audit Trail

This is a new one. I was asked today by someone to explain why files were missing from the Samba file server. Sadly in the end I wasn’t able to find out why simple...

Revert to a previous Git commit 0

Revert to a previous Git commit

Preamble I make heavy use of git for all my software development, when asked what the point is for a one man development team to something as powerful as git I always reply “universal...

DNS Cache TTL – Windows 0

DNS Cache TTL – Windows

Shorten the built in Windows DNS cache time To force Windows to keep positive entries in DNS Cache for only 4 hours instead of the default 24 hours we need to apply the following...

Block Negative DNS Entries – Windows 0

Block Negative DNS Entries – Windows

Windows contains a client-side Domain Name System (DNS) cache. The client-side DNS caching feature may cache results when no valid IP address was found. This article describes how to disable DNS caching for these...