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A cure for Crons chronic email problem

Anyone who has setup a backup system on their Linux machine, and I hope you all have, will be well aware of the problems when running commands from {% link crontab Crontab via...


agedu: Clean up wasted space in Linux

In some situations a quick trip to get a drive is required but in many situations space can easily be reclaimed by removing the gunk that’s accumulated, but how do you determine what’s junk?...


Book Review – Ender’s Game

Today I found myself in an unusual state. I’ve got to the point of finishing one book and having no idea what I want to read next. This has only happened when I have...

Android 4.4 KitKat is here 0

Android 4.4 KitKat is here

It feels like I’ve been waiting on this arriving for ever, but its only been 8 months. KitKat is finally been release to the previous Nexus devices and so far I’m happy with my...

A new Discworld is out! 0

A new Discworld is out!

Since I first seen it announced on Twitter I’ve been waiting, all be it impatiently, for the release of the newest Terry Pratchett Discworld. Well the day has finally arrived. Today, November 7th, the...