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Server host key not cached

I’ve been having problems with Git on my Windows PC tonight and wanted to share the solution. I was trying to push my commits to the remote repo but getting this error: The server’s...


Importing Ski Tracks into Fitbit

While I was away skiing this year I got into conversation with a few people in our chalet – all of whom use and love Ski Tracks by CoreCorders. On evening it came up...



Today I’m releasing version 0.0.4 of Core. This is a maintenance and consolidation release banking all the changes from 0.0.1. Before anyone starts to wonder, versions 0.0.2 & 0.0.3 were never released. Core’s been artificially accelerated to 0.0.4 – not deliberate, but I cant be bothered going back now.



I’ve been using my Fitbit every day without break since I first got it in June 2012 and while the Fitbit dashboard is good, offering everything you could ever want, I felt the need...


Git Based License Server

A permalink for your software License I usually forget to include anything in files and after a quick Google I found this script on GitHub by remy to host your license details online....