Category: Updates


Service Interruption

As many of you will have noticed we’ve been having intermittent down time this year. While I can still boast of 91% uptime over the last 30 days, that doesn’t really seem enough and...


Updated certificate authority

Just a quick announcement. This week I released an updated certificate authority. All my services are now signed using this new authority. The reason for this is purely maintenance. Since I released my last...


Software Society Email problems – Resolved

Fan-bloody-tastic! I’ve been trying to work out why emails to the Software Society have been falling over the last few weeks and finally I’ve worked it out! The lesson to take away from it...


My New Php Fitbit Library is Complete

ast month I announced I was working on a write of my Drupal/Fitbit module to allow it to run independently of the Drupal framework. What I wanted was a application that would allow me...


Work started on a new PHP Fitbit library

Last year I spent a few months building my own Drupal module for Fitbit. All in the middle did everything I wanted from it, pulling all my stats into a database and producing the...



As your can see for yourself I’ve rebuilt the site, again. I’ve code named this new iteration Alpe d’Huez, but it’s really version 8. So NxFIFTEEN Alpe d’Huez, what’s the point? I’ve washed my...