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I love Plex. Its a fantastic tool for organising all my media, and this script is just my way of making things a little more fun.

I’m a Trekkie and with the merger of the Vicom and CBS, Star Trek films and TV series are all now under the same banner again. So I got to thinking, they should create an option that allows you to watch everything as it was released.

While Star Trek has - until Discovery - never been directly connected many episodes do connect and plot points important to Deep Space Nine are setup in The Next Generation which makes the early seasons of Deep Space Nine better. Deep Space Nine, likewise, helps to break up the early episodes of Voyager.

So I started working on this tool for Plex, but like all ideas I started down the rabbit hole and it grew. So many other shows share the same type of relationship:

  • Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angle
  • Doctor Who & Torchwood

With this in mind the script evolved.


To use Watch As Aired simply put add all the episodes or movies you want into one playlist called Seed - <NAME>; eg. ‘Seed - Star Trek’, ‘Seed - Stargate’, ‘Seed - Doctor Who’

  1. Call the wrapper script the ‘start’ command: ./ start <SERVER_NAME> "<NAME>"
  2. Start watching the new playlist that been created ’<NAME> - Play Though’
  3. As your watching you call the the ‘prune’ command to remove episodes you’ve already watched: ./ prune <SERVER_NAME> "<NAME>"
  4. When you all finished you can ether delete the ’<NAME> - Play Though’ playlist, or run the delete command: ./ delete <SERVER_NAME> "<NAME>"


Star Trek

  • ./ start <SERVER_NAME> "Star Trek"
  • ./ prune <SERVER_NAME> "Star Trek"
  • ./ delete <SERVER_NAME> "Star Trek"


  • ./ start <SERVER_NAME> "Stargate"
  • ./ prune <SERVER_NAME> "Stargate"
  • ./ delete <SERVER_NAME> "Stargate"

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