Self Control Isn’t Working Anymore
14 Apr

Self Control Isn’t Working Anymore

Full disclosure, I hate reading self-help books. In my 670 library I think there are only 4 such books. That all said this post was spurred on from such a book.

As many may know I’ve been on a health journey for more than a few years now. And to say I’ve been taking the seismic route is just a polite way of saying “five steps forward four steps back”.

Self control has been my main method all this time, despite reading, more than once, willpower is a finite resource. And it’s true, least for me. As the day goes on it gets harder and harder to saying no to the temptations all around.

So if will power and self-control aren’t the answer what is? That’s kinda where I am just now, working out what the solution is, and why I’ve been reading this book; Willpower Doesn’t Work by Benjamin Hardy.

According to his book

A lot of the basic research in psychology says that your willpower is essentially an exhaustive resource,

It’s not unlimited; it runs out very fast.

Since that matches my experience I can relate, and that’s probably the only reason I keep reading.

Hardy goes on to say our behaviors are out sourced to our environment. His premise is most things are addictions, either for types of food or simply short-term rewards.

It sounded strange to me at first but the more I think about it the more it makes some sense. I know when crave sugar and sweets I’m at work. At home it never crosses my mind. Over the weekend my diet, for the most part, is better. Far from perfect but better all the same.

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What is food
13 Apr

What is food

We all need it and we all eat it. We have a relationship with food and I think that relationship defines our health.

I want to eat healthily, but I’ve not been for years so this is still something I need to talk myself into. When I’m good it’s easy, when I’m not I slip.

My Slimming World classes teaches me to plan and organize my meals, and I do try, but no amount of planning will make up for a general apathy when the time comes to cook.

Just now food for me is a mechanical thing. I’m eating what’s to hand and what’s easy. The number of sandwiches I’m going through is disgraceful. I’ve misplaced my passion for what I’m eating. If I don’t enjoy my food how do I find the enthusiasm to cook it in the first place.

I know this relationship with food is at its best holding me back and at the worst dragging me backwards.

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Week 1 Day 2
12 Dec

Week 1 Day 2

What a nothing day. I really don’t like Tuesday’s, it’s also it day which doesn’t help at all.

But I started my day off with the same breakfast as yesterday but this time I paid attention to portion control and stuck too the 45g serving. But Pain Au Chocolat for morning break was a key down. I didn’t go looking for it, it was just put infront of me and I eat it. So that’s on me.

Week 1 Day 5 – Completed A Day
31 Mar

Week 1 Day 5 – Completed A Day

Yesterday I was finally able to honestly say I’d completed a full day. Recording from morning to night I have a honest reflection for the day. To be fair though it wasn’t a really good day, featuring too much junk but it’s a start.

Today’s been a new day and got off to a good start. I had a nice healthy breakfast and an egg mayo lunch, but it went south from there. The afternoon was filled with chrisps and cream eggs. I also failed to go for a walk after work.

I’ve gone over my previous food diaries and I’m starting to think bread is a big part of my downfall. It seems everytime I have bread, be it breakfast of lunch, I end up snacking between meals. This is only a ruff guess sadly since my recent logging as been pitiful so I’m going to add two new items to my Nomie setup; Bread and Snacked

Farely simple and self explanitory but I hope this will ether shed highlight a pattern or disprove it. Obviously I hope to disprove since I’m quite attached to bread but we’ll see in a couple of days what the numbers say.

  • Target Weight: – 188 lb
  • Starting Weight: – 193.21 lb
  • Current Weight: – 194.23 lb

But its time to call it a night, so – if you have been – thanks for reading

Week 1 Day 3 – 21 Days is what it takes
29 Mar

Week 1 Day 3 – 21 Days is what it takes

Last week I took a day off and here I am week later coming back to it. After a quick search I find common research seems to think it only takes 21 days to form , new habit, so adding it up if I can commit to my doing everything I want to everyday until Week 4 Day 3 then the habit should be formed… 

Right? I’m sceptical but we’ll see.

Week 0 Day 1 – Another Push
20 Mar

Week 0 Day 1 – Another Push

I’ve started and stopped this fitness thing so many times in the last few months I’ve lost track of where I am and sadly have little faith this will be the final restart. I’m also moving house next month and have been thinking that would be a good time to put this off till – a clean start and all that.

But too stick to that assumption would be giving up before I even started and waiting till I’ve moved is just a stalking tactic. Same as saying you’ll quitting smoking, after the one your drawing on as you say it. The only way I could quit was to stub it out half way through and make the commitment there and then.

So no matter what this is I’m starting again and if I had a doughnut in my hand I’d throw it away, but as much as I’d like to start my day with a doughnut I don’t so I can’t.

Next step is to setup some goals and a time frame to work towards. I’m getting married in August so August 1st that seems like we good a target date as any.

  • Weight – my target will be 188 lbs with a body fat around 20%
  • Blogging – the best success I’ve ever had was when blogging daily, so by week 3 I want to be blogging at least 5-6 times a day.
  • Streak – so far my best steps streak is 14 days, I want to beat that.
Week 0 Day 2 – 2017
17 Jan

Week 0 Day 2 – 2017

I’d love to say this isn’t a case is New Year, new me but it probably is in part.

I’ve been dabbling with my health for years now, but am at my most successful when blogging. See it turns out I need to be held accountable for my lapses and I know of no better way than recording my successes and failures here.

This is week Zero, it’s decided I need a week Zero as a prelude to week One too get myself setup and mentally ready since this is a big push.

I’ve got two targets over the next six months, first is March and the second is August.

  • By March I want to increase my general activity levels ready to go skiing – the idea of not being fit enough too spend the day on the slop is a driving force.
  • By August I’m planning on getting married so in a perfect world I’d like rid of it ponch !

So, if these are my goals for 2017 what am I doing with week zero? Well I’m not sure. I need to come up with some form of reward system thats not food based, and ideally not about spending money – although I am thinking about a financial penalty system, just not sure how any of thats going to work yet.

Please jump down to the comments section and leave your ideas for a reward/punishment system too.

But its time to call it a night, so – if you have been – thanks for reading