Week 1 Day 5 – Completed A Day
31 Mar

Week 1 Day 5 – Completed A Day

Yesterday I was finally able to honestly say I’d completed a full day. Recording from morning to night I have a honest reflection for the day. To be fair though it wasn’t a really good day, featuring too much junk but it’s a start. Today’s been a new day and got off to a good start. […]

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Week 1 Day 3 – 21 Days is what it takes
March 29, 2017

Last week I took a day off and here I am week later coming back to it. After a quick search I find common research seems to think it only takes 21 days to form , new habit, so adding it up if I can commit to my doing everything I want to everyday until Week 4 Day 3 then the habit should be formed… 

Right? I’m sceptical but we’ll see.

Week 0 Day 6 – Birthday Dinners
March 25, 2017

The problem with going out for dinner is your tempted to eat more than you need, add to that a birthday dinner – even if it’s not yours – and your further tempted to eat still more since its a “special occasion”

Some time the deck really is stacked against the weak willed

Week 0 Day 3 – A Better Day
March 22, 2017

Yesterday turned out to be a better day, not perfect but better all the same. The only meal I skipped was dinner.

Week 0 Day 2 – 2017
17 Jan

Week 0 Day 2 – 2017

I’ve been dabbling with my health for years now, but am at my most successful when blogging. See it turns out I need to be held accountable for my lapses and I know of no better way than recording my successes and failures here.

This is week Zero, it’s decided I need a week Zero as a prelude to week One too get myself setup and mentally ready since this is a big push.

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