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Work started on a new PHP Fitbit library

Last year I spent a few months building my own Drupal module for Fitbit. All in the middle did everything I wanted from it, pulling all my stats into a database and producing the...


A Linux Security Checklist

I recently came across this article about securing yourself on a Linux machine – Security Checklist for Linux System. It’s equally true about Windows users as well: Keep the system updated with latest security...



TrueCrypt is dead, long live TrueCrypt. In a move that shocked everyone on the internet TrueCrypt was taken down on May 28th 2014 and the official TrueCrypt website,, began redirecting users to a...

Let’s celebrate 0

Let’s celebrate

The biggest problem I’ve had with this new blog idea was posting. Unlike WordPress Drupal doesn’t support mobile content creation naively and not a lot of people are working to add support. Mostly this...