Sunday – Week 7 Day 7
15 Dec

Sunday – Week 7 Day 7

Week 7 comes to close and its been a good one so far. This time last night I thought reaching my 112 floors was going to be the hardest things to reach, but I beat it and all my other goals.

I also made it thru my full 2 hour work out. Not as intense as some others but its good that I’m putting the time aside to do it more often then not

Diet wise its been a good day mostly eating healthy. Lots of veg and fibber. A little brie but allot less than I’d normally have had.

Looking ahead. Next week I will be keeping the same targets, but I don’t want to simply rely on the weekend to reach them. This week I plan to hit each of my daily targets. Then I can use the weekend to add more. I also want to work on my plank and wall sits times, along with general Runtastic Squats and Sit ups. I am aiming to follow the training plans in each app to build on what I’m able to do. I’ve also ordered a pull up bar so I will be adding that to my workouts, assuming it arrives this week.

Weight goals: 78.6kg Failed
Steps: 39,651 Passed
Floors: 129 Passed
Distance: 26.18 Passed
Monday – Week 5 Day 1
02 Dec

Monday – Week 5 Day 1

Week five has began with a bang. I’ve trounced so many of my targets I can’t believe it. I got up learn, by got up I mean didn’t hit snooze, and went straight to the treadmill for a nice 45 minute stroll. Fast but comfortable. I’ve also started using Runtastic‘s Squat app so something new. I’m going to work to the program from the start so it’ll be a slow start.

The name of this game is information. Over the weekend I found did some more work on my Fitbit module, when the phone is in “treadmill” mode I now have live voice alerts of steps taken. This morning was the first practical use and I’ve found it genius to add that extra motivation to go further. I also came across a new Fitbit API call to the friends leader board, so my sites Statistical Trend also lists where I am on the board. Currently I’m second place but its good to see.

As for food well the same goals apply. I’ve had quite a healthy day. I had planned on stake for dinner but in the end opted for the healthier choice of a big salad. I had a few snacks at a work all the same so perhaps I was

01 Dec

Sunday – Week 4 Day 7

Today will be a short one. I haven’t allot to say about the day, historically Sunday is my worst day in any given week, but I have hopes today will break the pattern. I hit all my targets bar time active and seeing as I spent the best part or 45 minutes on the treadmill, all be it walking, I am working on the assumption Fitbit is wrong this time round.

While I hit all my targets I didn’t exceed them and my over all short-term goal of 38,843 steps has been missed by around 2,000. Not a great deal but its still significant. There are no new goals this week, until I can hit the ones I have I want to go about settings new ones as this could just lead to missing more and eventually it becomes easier to stop all together.

So next week I still plan to take 16 flights of stairs, walk 5,549 steps and always choose the healthy food options. Here’s to week 5! As always, if you have been, thanks for reading

30 Nov

Friday – Week 4 Day 5

I never posted yesterday which is a shame seeing as I was doing so well.

I hit all my activity targets for the day although I was over my calorie intake, I’m blaming the Christmas pie personally but I don’t think the Mars bar will have helped any. Looking at my trends I’m still not seeing any progress in my body fat and weight is cropping up ever so slightly so its something I will be keeping an eye on.

On the plus side I added some more information to my fitness pages, I’ve always been interested in seeing my lifetime achievements so now I can see pedometer, floors and distance

25 Oct

A Hacker’s Diet

Its a strange thing, that first morning, when you look in the mirror and ask yourself “What happened?”. For me this was back in March 2012 but denial was a large part of the problem at the time. Still I made the decided it was time for a change, but where do you start?

While on a skiing trip I decided the first step was exercise, the mantra “Move more, eat less” was my starting point. To that end I got a treadmill. Now when you set out to make large life changing decisions the problem is follow thru, remember I’ve had almost thirty years to get to build up my bad habits and the idea it would stop over night was a short lived illusion. For the most part the treadmill sat unused for the majority of the next few months, until I built a desk for it. Now I was able to work on my laptop from the treadmill and during the summer of 2012 I was on it most mornings before work, I’ve always been an early riser but now my alarms went off at 5am.

So far so good. Now we have the problem of feedback. Despite a regular workout schedule and eating a lot better I had no way of tracking my progress and by the winter the 5am wake up calls were growing tedious and my schedules became more relaxed until by the start of 2013 the treadmill was once again unused.

So here I was another year and back to where I had started. Once again sitting in a chalet in France after five days skiing I decided I’d had enough and would try harder. I knew where the problems lay and searched for a way to get better feedback for my efforts, since I am a huge android user and never leave my phone unattended this was the route I took.

Since May 6th 2013 I have been tracking my progress thru my Android using the applications listed below:
1. Fitbit – For tracking my daily “calorie deficit” and BMI. I have a Fitbit One and a set of Aria smart scales that I now use daily. I also make full use of the Fitbit developers API to build integration directly into this site.
2. MyFitnessPal – To manually enter all food eaten and water drank. Weight loss and exercise is pulled from Fitbit automatically.
3. Runtastic – Manually enter workouts, everything except walking. Again information from here is automatically push to Fitbit where it is sent to MyFitnessPal.

With this post I hope to start a new trend of reporting and accountability to toward anyone who shares my goal and follows along, if not then to myself. This section of my site, NxFifteen after all encompasses everything I do – not just fitness related, will be made include my progress and hurdles I find along the way.

Since May I have lost 10kg’s, my goal is to lose another twenty two bringing me down into my BMI of 57kegs. However I do not want to do this ‘on the quiet’ and MyFitnessPal, Fitbit and Runtastic are all community sites, please feel free to add my on either site or leave a comment bellow. I will keep this site updated along my journey.