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Importing Ski Tracks into Fitbit

While I was away skiing this year I got into conversation with a few people in our chalet – all of whom use and love Ski Tracks by CoreCorders. On evening it came up...



I’ve been using my Fitbit every day without break since I first got it in June 2012 and while the Fitbit dashboard is good, offering everything you could ever want, I felt the need...


Monday – Week 14 Day 1

It has gone well past the time I started paying more attention to my weight loss journey. As you can see from the pictures I’ve uploaded I’ve really not been doing well since Christmas....

Friday – Week 11 Day 5 2

Friday – Week 11 Day 5

This has been a week of ups and downs. Yesterday I talked about my toothache, and sadly the dentist wasn’t able to sort it out today so its going to be another week before...

Thursday – Week 10 Day 4 0

Thursday – Week 10 Day 4

The year is progressing well, but I haven’t started yet. This week is and will be much like last. I still start each day with the intention of logging everything but leave it by...

Sunday – Week 8 Day 7 0

Sunday – Week 8 Day 7

I’ve been trying to come up with some thing new for week nine. I know full well Christmas week isn’t going to be good and chances are I’ll take two or three days off,...