Fitbit Ionic
09 Apr

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit’s first smartwatch debuts with personalized guidance, on-device dynamic workouts, relative SpO2 sensor, industry-leading GPS, swim tracking, on-board music, contactless payments and 4+ day battery life.

Importing Ski Tracks into Fitbit
30 Mar

Importing Ski Tracks into Fitbit

While I was away skiing this year I got into conversation with a few people in our chalet – all of whom use and love Ski Tracks by CoreCorders.

On evening it came up in conversation that we’d all like a way to import our ski runs into Fitbit. After checking the Fitbit forums this seemed like a highly requested feature, so once I got home I set about seeing if it was possible. Read more »

25 Jun


I’ve been using my Fitbit every day without break since I first got it in June 2012 and while the Fitbit dashboard is good, offering everything you could ever want, I felt the need to roll my own – as always.

Fitbit offer a fantastic API which I aimed to make full use of. When I started my project I couldn’t find anything else on the net like it. My project is slightly further along than this one, I am contacting the developer to offer my code and see if we can both work up a finished product.

NxFitness Core is stable and working on this site, but it is heavily tailored to my setup and the code has only recently been made public. The code is poorly commented and depends on my, but I am working on it. If you are interested in this code please email me

build status coverage report Open Issues Closed Issues Authors MIT License


The best live example of this module can be found on my own site

Ways to contribute

A common misconception about contributing to an open source is that you need to contribute code. In fact, it’s the other parts of this project that are most neglected or overlooked. You’ll do the project a huge favour by offering to pitch in with these types of contributions!

Code contributions that make the project better are always welcome. Please read the Git commit guidelines and Contributor covenant code of conduct and submit a pull request for addition to the main source.

Possibly the simplest way to contribute is simply to download and install the software yourself – use it as stable code or try and break it – and report any bugs you find, ether manually or enable the automatic error reports.

During setup just uncomment the sentry io dsn configuration line and core will report code bugs and unexpected exceptions to sentry it’s self. Despite this being incredibly useful I’ve disabled it by default. See the sentry explanation page for information about what is transmitted.

If you have something that will help please let me know.


And of course:

  • MIT – Copyright (c) 2014-2017 Stuart McCulloch Anderson

Development contributions from:


Work started on a new PHP Fitbit library
16 Feb

Work started on a new PHP Fitbit library

Last year I spent a few months building my own Drupal module for Fitbit. All in the middle did everything I wanted from it, pulling all my stats into a database and producing the reports and stats I wanted most.

Problem is, I am not using Drupal anymore. As I’ve talked about before this site is pure HTML built using Node.js. So the site only needs rebuilt when I add or remove content but since information from Fitbit is as close to real time as makes no difference I’ve struggled to think of a way to reinstate the functionality I’d come to rely on – without rebuilding the site every couple of minutes.

I’m comes JavaScript. I’m in the process of rewriting the original Drupal module in a standalone PHP application. At present I’m goal is simply to reinstate the previous code. I already know there are new features available and Fitbit have improved some of their others APIs with more features and data sets, not to mention a host of coding bugs and better ways to do things but it’s best to work on one thing at a time.

Once the hard work has been done I’ll work on getting the information out of the database and to display it here again, then I’ll look at the arm long list of issues I’m sticking in GitLab.

As before I’m planning to realise the full source code on, but I’d like to get the code at least functional first, if you cant wait of course drop me a note in the comments below and ill give you access to the code now.

Monday – Week 14 Day 1
27 Jan

Monday – Week 14 Day 1

It has gone well past the time I started paying more attention to my weight loss journey.

As you can see from the pictures I’ve uploaded I’ve really not been doing well since Christmas. I started a Fitbit twelve week plan and for the last five weeks I’ve not been hitting my goals and the only excuse I have is simple distraction and lack of focus. So how am I going to change things and get out of the rut I’m in? By shaking things up a bit.

First step is accountability and tracking. Until yesterday I had no idea how much I’d fallen, so once again the Blog will come back into play. In a previous post I said that perhaps a nightly Blog was no longer required, and its not, but structure is required. So I will post a blog three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Since Thursday is now my day off each week this schedule will give me two days to blog about instead of trying to find content in just the one. While I might still blog thru the other days these are the days I am setting aside to always blog.

Second is harder to label. I am project driven and the problem with weight loss a fitness is they are long term at best. An even better description would be lifestyle changes. So I need to make it a project as well. I already have the Blog and I publish my Fitbit reports each week, the next step is recipes, which I am going to start added as well. I have no illusion this site will become the goto for anyone but it will become the first reference for me. A recipe will look like this Greek Style Salad demo and contains everything needed to replicate the meal.

Final step is reward. I’ve been looking for one that is free and does not include food, having a Mars bar to reward you for exercising isn’t of much use. Problem is now I am still stuck on this one. I really have no idea what reward system to use, although I know I need one.

10 Jan

Friday – Week 11 Day 5

This has been a week of ups and downs. Yesterday I talked about my toothache, and sadly the dentist wasn’t able to sort it out today so its going to be another week before I go back. Yet I’ve decided this isn’t going to stop me any more. With enough thought it shouldn’t have too.

As for logging, well today hasn’t been any better than the others I still forget about lunch time and start to snack a little more than I’m exactly happy with. The name of this blog is ‘accountability’ I always behave better when people are watching and for that to be effective over this medium then I have to be honest with both myself and you. So honestly, I’ve been bad. Each day this week has been a bad one and I stopped logging my meals as soon as I slip with one snack or another. Before the new year I allowed myself one day free of logging anything. I always found this helpful and was able to eat properly during the week knowing I had this free day to relax, even if I didn’t use it, and I think now it’s time to go back to that routine.

My activity levels this are also nothing to boast about. I started a Fitbit twelve week plan in December, I am now at the end of week 6 and for the last three weeks I have not been doing well. Looking at the Fitbit charts I can see that Christmas week was the worst, New Years was slightly better and this week better still so I suppose I shouldn’t be too worried about it, but it is still something that could slip quite easily if not watched. Also, since I am self reflecting tonight, my own personal activity targets are being missed all week and not by much. This can ether been looked at as “I am getting close and making a good effort” or, more accurately, as “I’m not trying hard enough”. My target are really that high and yet I still haven’t been hitting them.

My ambition over the weekend is to do a six month review of my all my Fitbit information. I haven’t decided what format this will take yet but I joined Fitbit in June so June to December is a nice benchmark to look back on so I am hoping to put this together for Sunday so stay tuned.

Well that’s enough from me for one night. As always if you have been, thanks for reading

Sunday – Week 8 Day 7
22 Dec

Sunday – Week 8 Day 7

I’ve been trying to come up with some thing new for week nine. I know full well Christmas week isn’t going to be good and chances are I’ll take two or three days off, but that’s no reason to give up completely.

I’ve been looking at some of the information available on Fitbit and MyFitnessPal and want to use some of that to drive next week. According to Fitbit my dinners take up 46% of my daily calories, but for weight loss this should be around 30% with the majority being breakfast and lunch. I’ve started a 12 week Fitbit plan to try increasing my activity levels, the last two weeks I’ve been doing quite well and next week my target is 1,022 activity calories burnt, so this too is another target.

MyFitnessPal says daily intake should be 1,390 calories and I don’t tend to go over that anymore. However any additional exercise tends to get added on. I would like to see myself ending each day with at least 700 ‘spare’ calories. I’m not planning to starve myself to get there, I want to earn them.

So, what are the targets?
One: Lower dinner calorie intake to around 30%
Two: Burn 1,022 activity calories
Three: End each day with at least 700 calories remaining
Four: Maintain my current Fitbit targets of 5,549 steps and 16 floors
Five: Travel 36 km on the treadmill by the end of the week, that’s three 12km sessions

Tuesday – Week 5 Day 2
03 Dec

Tuesday – Week 5 Day 2

Today isn’t as good a day as yesterday, but it never I never expected it too. What I have learnt is if I do not get up early to workout I can’t make the time in the evening and work just isn’t enough on it’s own. I set my floor target at 16 a day, but its not easy working in a 1 floor building so I really have to got up and down the stairs at home constantly.

I had a good diet today thought. A nice breakfast only the one snack and a salad for dinner. I’m supposed to be 1,000 calories less than I’m eating but I didn’t quite manage that but I was close ending the day with 715 left.

Well that’s really all for tonight I don’t have anything else to say. Like I said there is very little states from today so not allot I can ‘analyse’.

Just before I go though I want to plug this group I found on Fitbit – for anyone taking “the long route” to person fitness

01 Dec

Sunday – Week 4 Day 7

Today will be a short one. I haven’t allot to say about the day, historically Sunday is my worst day in any given week, but I have hopes today will break the pattern. I hit all my targets bar time active and seeing as I spent the best part or 45 minutes on the treadmill, all be it walking, I am working on the assumption Fitbit is wrong this time round.

While I hit all my targets I didn’t exceed them and my over all short-term goal of 38,843 steps has been missed by around 2,000. Not a great deal but its still significant. There are no new goals this week, until I can hit the ones I have I want to go about settings new ones as this could just lead to missing more and eventually it becomes easier to stop all together.

So next week I still plan to take 16 flights of stairs, walk 5,549 steps and always choose the healthy food options. Here’s to week 5! As always, if you have been, thanks for reading

27 Nov

Wednesday – Week 4 Day 3

This was supposed to be my day off, but I forgot. I finally remembered as I was logging lunch and by that time I made the decision to plough ahead, so I now have a spare day I can use later.

As usual for Wednesday I got my Fitbit report from last week and its not looking good. I am down on every metric other than floors climbed. I’ve also been looking at my graphs and while my weight is still in a slight declining trend, body fat is sky rocketing of late so its probably time to ‘nip that in the bud’.

This week I am on track or at least happy with my progress towards my weeks target. I have always selected the most healthy option available, however I am slipping with last weeks achievements. There is still time to pull it together. At the current rate I am falling behind I need to take 6,322 steps each day or I’ll miss my steps goal, and I have to take 21 floors a day which will be allot harder and probably impossible if I’m honest. I haven’t given up on it just yet though

24 Nov

Sunday – Week 3 Day 7

Well its Sunday again Its been another 7 days and according to my records I weigh slightly more than last week, but only by 0.2kg’s so not much. Thankfully yesterdays 80kg looks like it was only a blip.

Having taken yesterday to ‘state my intentions’ for the week I thought tonight could be something different. Its often come up why I keep this blog and why its so important to me to post each day.

This site is may not be the most exciting blog recently but there will be more technology related content soon, but for now my focus has been here, my own weight loss and building a healthier self.

This goal has lead to allot of changes in the site. First of all I have put allot of time and effort into my Drupal Fitbit module, which is responsible for pulling all my records directly from Fitbit and displaying the information I want. Second is the fact I can now post content from email. All I do now is email the site and Drupal will post to my blog, including any images I attach.

While these are good side affects they are not the reason I started this project. I have been trying to lose weight since June and as you can see from TrendWeight the first few months were easy. My weight plummeted from 83kg’s to 76kg. An amazing change, but it wasn’t sustainable as the graph shows. Since August I had all but stalled. For three months there is very little change. Then, October 14th it all went wrong.

My weight started creeping up again. As far as I could tell I wasn’t doing anything different, but I was. I had gotten complacent. My exercise had stopped and I was eating junk again because its there. So I needed a change and blogging was the way I’ve taken it.

My intention with this blog is to add a level of accountability to my self if no one else. I aim to post each night and probably spend more time on my own health page than all my other visitors combined. I’ve also made use of the power in my Android phone to combine Tasker and Zooper to give me a live progress bar through the day. You can see in the screenshot I’ve attached from my home screen, just to the left “November” are three red lines. There is actually four and the goal is for each line to have disappeared by the end of the each day. It doesn’t always work but seeing it each time I look at my phone has provided a surprising level of motivation and I use all this information to summaries my achievements and short comings each day. I never want a change in the trend to catch me unaware like before.

I don’t know if anyone else follows along with me, but I hope if you are

20 Nov

Tuesday – Week 3 Day 2

Sorry for the late update, last I never found the right time, too busy programming.

Yesterday was a mixed day, I managed to hit all my activity targets by a safe margin but while I logged everything I ate I was over my calorie budget by an unhappy margin.

As for the site I’ve updated the information on available on the fitness page to include some trending information so I can build a better idea of my development over time and see at a glance how today compares with the past. I like it and hope it will help me stay focused with more information available at a glance.

I also got last weeks Fitbit report so that’s now been published. No real surprises there everything is showing improvements except weight last was down on last week and once again Sunday is my worst day of the week.

10 Nov

Sunday – Day 7

Its been seven days since I started my my latest attempt to lose weight and get fit. Looking back over the last week I’ve done well hitting the target I set, five days of logging with only two days off. Now, for week two.

This time round I’m focused on movement. I’ve using the 10k steps target for as long as I can remember and in reality that’s just to much to go too, when you’re starting from next to nothing.

This time round I’m going to take an average of the last 30 days and make that my new target, I don’t yet know what that will be but first thing tomorrow I will query my Fitbit records and find the magic number, while maintaining my logging records of no more than two days off. I’m also going to try eating better, but that is not a target for next week so if it were to fail or I slipped up I wont be taking it to badly.

What target have you set for yourself next week?

05 Nov

Tuesday – Day 2

Today was a bit of a shock. While a friends in town we went out for dinner and despite that I’m still under my calorie budget.

It was also a really nice meal which is almost unheard of where we went, I’m starting to think I’ve been miss judging the place!

On related news I’ve wish got last weeks report from my Fitbit and as you can see from all the red, I was way down from the week before. I know it’s not part of this weeks targets, but I am still hoping this weeks report is better

25 Oct

A Hacker’s Diet

Its a strange thing, that first morning, when you look in the mirror and ask yourself “What happened?”. For me this was back in March 2012 but denial was a large part of the problem at the time. Still I made the decided it was time for a change, but where do you start?

While on a skiing trip I decided the first step was exercise, the mantra “Move more, eat less” was my starting point. To that end I got a treadmill. Now when you set out to make large life changing decisions the problem is follow thru, remember I’ve had almost thirty years to get to build up my bad habits and the idea it would stop over night was a short lived illusion. For the most part the treadmill sat unused for the majority of the next few months, until I built a desk for it. Now I was able to work on my laptop from the treadmill and during the summer of 2012 I was on it most mornings before work, I’ve always been an early riser but now my alarms went off at 5am.

So far so good. Now we have the problem of feedback. Despite a regular workout schedule and eating a lot better I had no way of tracking my progress and by the winter the 5am wake up calls were growing tedious and my schedules became more relaxed until by the start of 2013 the treadmill was once again unused.

So here I was another year and back to where I had started. Once again sitting in a chalet in France after five days skiing I decided I’d had enough and would try harder. I knew where the problems lay and searched for a way to get better feedback for my efforts, since I am a huge android user and never leave my phone unattended this was the route I took.

Since May 6th 2013 I have been tracking my progress thru my Android using the applications listed below:
1. Fitbit – For tracking my daily “calorie deficit” and BMI. I have a Fitbit One and a set of Aria smart scales that I now use daily. I also make full use of the Fitbit developers API to build integration directly into this site.
2. MyFitnessPal – To manually enter all food eaten and water drank. Weight loss and exercise is pulled from Fitbit automatically.
3. Runtastic – Manually enter workouts, everything except walking. Again information from here is automatically push to Fitbit where it is sent to MyFitnessPal.

With this post I hope to start a new trend of reporting and accountability to toward anyone who shares my goal and follows along, if not then to myself. This section of my site, NxFifteen after all encompasses everything I do – not just fitness related, will be made include my progress and hurdles I find along the way.

Since May I have lost 10kg’s, my goal is to lose another twenty two bringing me down into my BMI of 57kegs. However I do not want to do this ‘on the quiet’ and MyFitnessPal, Fitbit and Runtastic are all community sites, please feel free to add my on either site or leave a comment bellow. I will keep this site updated along my journey.