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Week 0 Day 2 – 2017

I’ve been dabbling with my health for years now, but am at my most successful when blogging. See it turns out I need to be held accountable for my lapses and I know of no better way than recording my successes and failures here.

This is week Zero, it’s decided I need a week Zero as a prelude to week One too get myself setup and mentally ready since this is a big push.


Monday – Week 8 Day 1

There were good and bad elements in today. I did hit my goals, but I also slipped. Everything was going fine up till lunch, then I seen the left overs! After the buffet on...

A Hacker’s Diet 0

A Hacker’s Diet

Its a strange thing, that first morning, when you look in the mirror and ask yourself “What happened?”. For me this was back in March 2012 but denial was a large part of the...