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Saturday – Week 7 Day 6

Another day but it wasn’t a great one. I missed out on my targets because I was working on a new project which I’m announcing soon with any luck I’ll be on the treadmill...


Tuesday – Week 7 Day 3

I’m getting complacent again. I keep skipping my after work logging and I’m not spending anytime on the treadmill. I suppose this is why I keep a blog. So I can catch these lapses...

Sunday – Week 4 Day 7 0

Sunday – Week 4 Day 7

Today will be a short one. I haven’t allot to say about the day, historically Sunday is my worst day in any given week, but I have hopes today will break the pattern. I...

Monday – Day 2.1 0

Monday – Day 2.1

Last night I announced my new target for the coming week. These targets are based on the progression plan I’m laying out. I’ve tried jumping in full speed since may and while I can...

A Hacker’s Diet 0

A Hacker’s Diet

Its a strange thing, that first morning, when you look in the mirror and ask yourself “What happened?”. For me this was back in March 2012 but denial was a large part of the...